WOW: Trump Goes NUCLEAR On “Wacky Nut Job” Ann Coulter [MUST SEE]

WOW: Trump Goes NUCLEAR On “Wacky Nut Job” Ann Coulter [MUST SEE]

Ann Coulter, who was once a proud Trump supporter, has become off the rails and takes any chance she gets to attack President Trump, specifically on the subject of immigration. Coulter has unrealistic expectations when it comes to the border wall.
Coulter, who agrees with much of President Trump’s agenda, is unsatisfied with the President’s border wall and fails to give the President any slack on the subject even though Congress won’t work with him on the issue.

President Trump, who only follows about 50 people on Twitter, once followed Coulter on the app but unfollowed her a few months back because of her constant over-dramatic tweets.

On Saturday, President Trump fired back on the conservative author on Twitter:

Wacky Nut Job @AnnCoulter, who still hasn’t figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border,” Trump tweeted. “Major sections of Wall are being built…”

“Tens of thousands of illegals are being apprehended (captured) at the Border and NOT allowed into our Country,” he added. “I am stopping an invasion as the Wall gets built.”

BOOM. President Trump has done anything and everything in his power to control the situation at the border even though he is getting major backlash from both political parties.

Last week, Coulter claimed that Trump supporters aren’t getting what they wanted and claimed that Trump is getting what he wants.

I don’t know about you, but I think Trump is doing a great job considering he is getting minimal help from Republicans in Washington and absolutely no help from the Democrats. Would it be nice if the wall had full funding? Yes, of course, but the President is doing every possible thing he can do including a national emergency (that is giving him major backlash) to fund the project. Coulter needs to be a little bit more understanding because her demands are extremely unrealistic at the moment.

Coulter also went as far as questioning if Trump actually wants to stop the invasion at the southern border. This woman is definitely “wacky!” Check out what she said:

This is a ridiculous comment from Wacky Nut Job, Ann Coulter. The facts speak for themselves. President Trump has sent thousands and thousands of troops to the southern border, he has dedicated billions of dollars to border security, he has dedicated billions of dollars for the wall, he has declared a national emergency to get more funding for the wall, he has been in contact with Mexico to get to try to get them to help with the influx of illegals, he has apprehended thousands of illegals at the border and much more. The list doesn’t stop. The fact that Coulter even raises this question is alarming and it suggests that she either doesn’t pay attention to the news, or she is just trying to be divisive.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Coulter has a point or do you think she is a little wacky? Let us know in the comments below!

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