WOW: Election Forecaster Predicts ’40-State Landslide’ – If Trump Accomplishes This 1 Elusive Feat

WOW: Election Forecaster Predicts ’40-State Landslide’ – If Trump Accomplishes This 1 Elusive Feat

Election forecaster and economic analyst Stephen Moore is predicting a “40-state landslide” in the 2020 election for President Donald Trump if he can accomplish a major trade deal with China.

During an interview Saturday with Breitbart News, Moore said Trump will cruise to a second term in office if he can secure a massive trade deal with China.

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“We’re in a new kind of cold war with China … the U.S. cannot back down,” Moore said, admitting that he’s a self-professed “free trade guy” he doesn’t like tariffs, but that he’s with the president “totally” on China.

“There’s nothing that Trump is asking China to do that is not completely reasonable,” Moore went on. “China should open up Americans, China should stop cheating and stealing and those kind of things.”

“I think this gives him additional leverage now to get a deal with Beijing,” he reiterated of the effect of the Mexico deal on negotiations with China. He called Trump a “master negotiator.”

“In the end of the day Trump will win,” Moore said, adding that China would love Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Moore predicted a deal with China in the next three to four months and that, if it happens, Trump will be “home free” with a soaring U.S. economy and stock market as a result.

He said this will lead to a “40 state re-election landslide” victory for Trump in 2020.

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Moore is hardly the first election forecaster predicting that Trump will win the 2020 election.

Last month, Steven Rattner published a report citing three different modelers that are predicting the president will secure a second-term in office.

Rattner, who served as the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration, reveals that top economists and modelers argue that the data points to Trump winning no matter who secures the Democratic nomination.

Here’s more from the report:

  • Ray Fair, a professor at Yale, “found that the growth rates of gross domestic product and inflation have been the two most important economic predictors — but he also found that incumbency was also an important determinant of presidential election outcomes.”
  • “Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, has looked at 12 models, and Mr. Trump wins in all of them.”
  • “Donald Luskin of Trend Macrolytics has reached the same conclusion in his examination of the Electoral College.”

Several people are predicting a Trump victory in 2020.

Earlier this month, billionaire and the co-host of NBC’s “Shark Tank” Mark Cuban said none of the 23 Democratic presidential nomineescan defeat Trump in the upcoming election.

Bookies are also beginning to set the early odds for who has the best chance of winning the 2020 presidential election, and Trump is the clear favorite.

The 2020 election is still a long way away, but many already see Trump as the clear favorite to win re-election.

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