WOW: Dem Rep. Tlaib Submits Measure To Remove President Trump From Office; This Is INFURIATING

WOW: Dem Rep. Tlaib Submits Measure To Remove President Trump From Office; This Is INFURIATING

On Thursday, radical Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib turned in a petition that received millions of signatures supporting the impeachment of President Trump.

For whatever reason, Tlaib believes that this is evidence and good reason to impeach the President of the United States even though he did nothing wrong.

“What I think is important is to recognize that 10 million people said that we need to hold this president accountable. I think that speaks volumes,” the Michigan Democrat said on CNN.

“Just alone, just think about it: Ten million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution. Ten million people want us to investigate this president and whether or not he has violated the United States Constitution and whether or not he’s acting above the law,” Tlaib said.

“I think that is tremendous, you know, a movement that is moving. It’s saying to all of us as members of Congress, please, please do something. Take back our democracy. Get back our country,” she continued.

Tlaib offered no evidence or reasoning for why Trump should be impeached, but just continued to say that since millions of people signed her petition, the President should be removed from office.

Tlaib isn’t the only radical Democrat who is actively trying to impeach the President for doing nothing wrong.

Rep. Al Green, who has been calling for Trump’s impeachment for two years, also lost his mind this week and went after Trump.

“I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected. … We must impeach him.” the radical congressman said in an interview with MSNBC.

Check out the full transcript below:

“I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected. If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated. He will say the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the house and didn’t take up impeachment. He will say we H constitutional duty and he will say he’s been vindicated. Here’s what I say, we’re confronting a constitutional crisis as I speak to you. As I look the people of America in the eye, I’m telling you, we have a constitutional crisis.

The chief executive office of the president of the United States refuses to comply with subpoenas and says he will order others to do so, this creates a constitutional crisis but this isn’t the genesis of it. It started when the president decided to fire Mr. Comey for his fair failure — pardon me, as a result of his desire not to be investigated. When he decided to do this and went on national TV at primetime and indicated he was thinking about this Russia thing, that was the genesis of it. We have a constitutional crisis. I regret I’m the canary in the coal mine.

He continued:

Let the Senate do what they may. We have to do what they must. This is not a game. This is not about who’s going to do well in the polls. The polls will catch up with justice when we show people we have the backbone, the spine to do what this constitution demands when we have an unfit, reckless, ruthless, lawless president in the White House. We say that. We talk about it. You will hear Democrats talking about how he’s unfit to be president, how he is doing things that are unconscionable and unconstitutional. The question is this, will we go beyond these things being talking points and make them an action item? Will we take them to the floor of the one place in the world where the president can be brought to the bar of justice? That’s the house of representatives.

If they can’t win with good policies, the Left results to obstruction, slander and impeachment.

When will the madness end?

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