Women’s March Vows To Take To The Streets In Favor Of Abortion

Women’s March Vows To Take To The Streets In Favor Of Abortion

In reaction to the controversial new Alabama law protecting the rights of the unborn – the strictest in the nation – the Women’s March along with the usual Democrat front groups and socialist rabble are planning to hold a wave of national “protests” to champion abortion and show their utter disregard for the rights of the unborn.

Having failed miserably in the multiple-year effort to whip up hysteria that would lead to the impeachment of President Trump over bogus charges that he colluded with the Kremlin to steal the election from Hillary, Democrats are going back to the well one more time with their tired fearmongering that the Republicans are doing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

For angry feminists who have never been able to digest the reality that Hillary was a miserable candidate, it’s time to once again break out those pink knit hats as they did on the weekend when Trump was inaugurated and take to the streets.

Once out in public, they will bray obscenities, carry signs and placards with vulgar depictions of female anatomy and listen to inspirational speeches by celebrity demagogues like Alyssa Milano and Madonna, it will be a reminder to normal people of all that is wrong with America and how these socialist extremists must be stopped next November by voting Democrats out.

According to reports, the onslaught is currently being schemed out by NARAL and the Women’s March which has seemingly been rehabilitated despite its shameful bigotry.

A slate of women’s and civil rights groups are planning to hold nationwide protests next week against a series of bills being weighed by states that seek to restrict access to abortions.

Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Women’s March and other groups are working to organize the demonstrations Tuesday.

The protests at statehouses and courthouses across the country are aimed at condemning bills that the groups are calling an “unconstitutional attempt to gut Roe and punish women.”

“Across the country, we are seeing a new wave of extreme bans on abortion, stripping away reproductive freedom and representing an all-out assault on abortion access,” the groups said on the protest’s website.

“This is [President] Trump’s anti-choice movement… and it’s terrifying, particularly for women of color and low-income women who are most affected by these bans.”

The language on the protest’s website is a dead giveaway – these marches are not so much about what they are promoted as but as ever-morphing protests against Trump and the stompy-feet crybabies who hate the idea that there are no participation trophies in electoral politics.

That the Women’s March is once again a force, shows not only the flaming hypocrisy of the media and Democrats regarding their activist shock troops but also the short attention span of those who were outraged over the group’s blatant anti-Semitism but have now gone silent.

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