WOAH: Jill Biden Speaks Out Against Creepy Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching

WOAH: Jill Biden Speaks Out Against Creepy Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching

In a recent interview, Jill Biden, the former Second Lady and wife to Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden, admitted to CNN that she doesn’t support her husbands creepy way of touching people. She even regrets not speaking up when she was younger about his creepy tendencies.

“I have to say it has happened to me, like 20 years ago, and I did not have the courage to speak up then and say, ‘Stop that, you’re in my space.’ Now I would have the courage, but 20 years ago I wouldn’t. Times have changed,” Jill Biden said in an interview with CNN.

Despite this admission, Jill Biden assures us that he is a changed man.

“Recently, I mean, things, times have changed,” she started. “And, Joe has heard that, you know, to back off and give people their space.”

Jill Biden was discussing the recent allegations of sexual harassment against her husband.

“He has now taken responsibility for that,” Jill Biden continued.

In her personal memoir that was recently published, Jill Biden elaborates on Joe Biden’s past of creepy behavior.

“He was always holding my hand, putting his arm around me, or brushing the hair from my face,” the former Second Lady wrote.

Check out what the Daily Mail reported:

She admits that being thrust into a family of ‘huggers’ made her feel ‘strange and uncomfortable’, writing that Joe and his two young sons ‘never wanted to miss a chance to hold a hand, wrap their arms around each other, or give a kiss’.

She says that as an introvert, she ‘sometimes found all that affection draining’, but knew that it was the death of his first wife Neilia and their baby daughter Naomi that gave the family an understanding of ‘how precious every second could be’, which was displayed by ‘constantly touching’ and ‘being connected to each other’.

But it’s those same displays of affection that have led to eight women coming forward with their accounts of how Biden made them uncomfortable by squeezing their shoulders, touching their thighs, smelling their hair or kissing their head.

“I realized that physical affection played an important role in his entire family,” Jill wrote. “Val [Joe’s sister] couldn’t walk by the boys without reaching out to touch their shoulders or brush their heads. Their parents stopped by often to shower the boys with kisses.”

It gets weirder. The former second lady continued by explaining Biden’s nighttime routine with his sons where he would scratch their bodies until they went to sleep. “With your fingernails!”, the children would say.

“He did the same at Mass as a way of keeping them still,” Jill continued.

You know things aren’t looking very good for you when your own wife is speaking out against the way you react with people around you!

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