WHO’S THE BOSS? Biden Took Marching Orders From Alyssa Milano On Abortion Flip-Flop

WHO’S THE BOSS? Biden Took Marching Orders From Alyssa Milano On Abortion Flip-Flop

Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano may not exactly be an acclaimed actress but she has managed to leverage her social media following to become one of the leading figures of the new radicalized Democratic party.

The former star of the hit sitcom “Who’s The Boss” took control of the suddenly floundering Joe Biden campaign when she reportedly influenced the geriatric frontrunner to abruptly flip-flop on his support for taxpayer-funded abortions when he came out against they Hyde Amendment one day after being for it.

It already was a really bad week for Barack Obama’s ex-veep as Sleepy Joe found himself embroiled in another plagiarism scandal as well as increasing questions about his lack of campaign appearances when compared to younger candidates and the smaller audiences that he spoke to.

Then came what could end up being a deal killer if the septuagenarian Biden manages to survive the grueling primary battle for the nomination to emerge as the general election nominee.

While the Democrats are moving to embrace an extremist position on abortion that borders on infanticide, the larger electorate is comprised of people who have legitimate moral and religious reasons to defend the rights of the unborn and the party establishment was counting on “lunchpail Joe” to be able to craft an appeal to those voters based on him being more moderate than the crazies.

But Biden may have just blown it with the critical white working class demographic that cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election in key Rust Belt states where the “blue wall” came crashing down and put outsider Donald J. Trump into the White House.

Not only did Biden reverse himself by caving to the far left but reportedly took his marching orders from the D-list actress who just showed America who’s really the boss of the Democratic party.

It is difficult to assess the damages to Biden’s hopes at this early stage but he just squandered his biggest asset of being able to appeal to swing voters and moderates who now must understand that a vote for any Democrat is a vote for the Hollywood mob and hysterics like Milano.

Who’s the boss? It sure isn’t Sloppy Joe.

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