Weekend At Bernie’s; Sanders Followers To Hold Nationwide House Parties

Weekend At Bernie’s; Sanders Followers To Hold Nationwide House Parties

Despite the entire Democrat establishment being aligned against him, it would be unwise to underestimate the power of Bernie Sanders.

What the geriatric socialist demagogue has going for him that the others do not is a devoted army of followers who stand to hit the jackpot in free stuff if Bernie shocks the world next year and wins the White House.

Those energetic activists put the scare of her life into Hillary Clinton who nearly was toppled by Bernie’s socialist revolution before her DNC stooge Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her minions intervened to cheat the Sanders out of the nomination.

This time around, the same establishment that bet the house on Hillary only to see it land on top of her on election day is taking the Bernie threat seriously enough that efforts led by the uber-slimy operative David Brock and his network are already underway to hit the Vermont senator early and to hit him hard.

While the Clinton crime family soldier Brock and others are scheming to sink Bernie’s battleship (including the cuddly gay heartthrob “Mayor Pete” per the New York Times) the Sandernistas are flexing their muscles this weekend with a show of force this weekend.

On Saturday, Bernie cultists will hold “thousands” of “house parties” across the nation as well as in multiple foreign countries to begin organizing for what will be the mother of all battles between the socialists and whatever remains of the Democratic party.

Just days after former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. became the 20th candidate to join the Democratic presidential race, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont readied what he hoped would be his latest show of force: thousands of house parties across the country.

On Saturday, Mr. Sanders’s campaign kicked off its national organizing program with what it says are roughly 5,000 events across every state. Mr. Sanders addressed supporters via a prerecorded video that was filmed in Boston.

“Let’s run a historic grass-roots campaign,” he said. “And when we do that, the 1 percent can spend all the money that they want — we’re going to beat them.”

“Us! Us! Us!,” he shouted when the audience at the filming in Boston began to chant his name.

The mini-rallies come during a week when Sanders has been tested after his call to allow pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and even the Boston Marathon bomber to be allowed to vote from prison and when heavyweight Joe Biden has nudged his way onto the clown bus.

Many who would normally be allies were aghast after Comrade Bernie’s advocacy for criminals to vote became an issue and he even lost the aging pop goddess Cher but his legions of devotees will not likely be deterred by such an anti-American, extremist idea.

There will likely be many blunts burned, bong hits inhaled and beers downed at the parties which will culminate when the blessed leader himself delivers his address to rally the troops.

Democrats looking to derail the sugar train should be forewarned that unlike in 2016, the force of socialism runs strong in the party and Sanders isn’t likely to take one for the team again like he did when he puckered up and kissed Hillary’s rump at the Democratic National Convention.

This time around an effort by the DNC and superdelegates to give Bernie the shaft could result in chaos unseen since the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago sparked a series of riots.

Be sure to stock up on popcorn.

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