WATCH: Tucker Turns Mexican Official Into BUMBLING MESS; ‘Why Won’t You Let Central Americans Stay?’

WATCH: Tucker Turns Mexican Official Into BUMBLING MESS; ‘Why Won’t You Let Central Americans Stay?’

On Wednesday during his show on Fox News, Tucker Carlson invited a Mexican official onto his show to talk about migrant immigration through Mexico and up to the United States border.
Let’s just say that things got a little bit heated.

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While talking to Guanajuato Secretary of Migration Juan Hernandez, Carlson brought up Hernandez’s own words from the past and challenged him by stating that his words should count as a “hostile act” towards the United States.

“I want to read three quotes from a Mexican government official, and these are direct quotes,” Carlson started.

He added:

“‘We are betting Mexican-Americans will think ‘Mexico first,’ even unto the seventh generation. Mexican immigrants to the United States are going to keep one foot in Mexico. They are not going to assimilate in the sense of not being Mexican,’ and final quote, ‘We recognize the Mexican population is 100 million in Mexico and 23 million who live in the United States. We are a united nation.’”

“Those quotes are from you,” Carlson said, which surprised Hernandez. “And I wonder if a government takes that position, that it’s sending foreign nationals to your country. That is a hostile act. So why are we sending money to a country committing hostile acts against us?”

“No, it’s not, my friend, no, no it’s not a hostile act at all,” Hernandez said. He then mentioned that the quotes were from 15 years ago so they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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The two continued to go back and forth until Carlson asked why Mexico wasn’t “stopping migrants from Central America before they get to the United States.”

“Instead, Mexico is encouraging them to come here,” Carlson continued. “That is not the behavior of an ally. They are not welcome. They are not here legally. We have a process and they are not going through the process. So that is an act of hostility and you can lie about it all you want but we know that it is.”

Watch the clip below:

There came a point where Carlson called Hernandez a liar, which seemed to upset the Mexican government official.

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Hernandez started ranting about how the people immigrating through Mexico and to the United States were “good people.”

The Fox News host then stumped Hernandez by asking if the immigrants are “very good people,” why doesn’t the Mexican government “let them stay forever and vote in your elections, but remain Guatemalans and Hondurans ‘unto the seventh generation,’ as you said about your own people, about Mexican citizens?”

Hernandez never really answered the question and proceeded to beat around the bush and talk about how “good” the immigrants were. Carlson kept going back to pointing out the hypocrisy of his statements.

At one point, Hernandez even started bragging about how many people the Mexican government deports each year which totally negated his entire point in the first place.

After it became obvious that the conversation wasn’t getting anywhere, Carlson ended the segment by saying, “Now I’m getting mad. I’m gonna stop this.”

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