WATCH: Tucker Carlson Rips Democrats To Shreds After Final Mueller Report Clears Trump

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Rips Democrats To Shreds After Final Mueller Report Clears Trump

After the Mueller report was delivered to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, Tucker Carlson called on President Trump to pardon Roger Stone and also called on radical Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell to resign for pushing conspiracy theories for the past two years.
The Mueller Investigation ended with no crimes related to Trump-Russia collusion and the only people that were charged, were charged with unrelated and process crimes.

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“This has been a disaster,” Carlson said on his show.

“And what about the victims of this monstrosity? Roger Stone is facing life in prison,” Carlson continued.

“All to find collusion. But there was no collusion. Stone is still looking at life in prison. Where is Roger Stone’s pardon? His pardon from the president? Let’s hope it comes very soon.”

Tucker wasn’t done. He went on to slam Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, two Democrats who have peddled the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory for the past two years.

“How can we let the people who are responsible for it continue as if it never happened?” the Fox News host asked.

“How can Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff keep their seats in the House of Representatives? They should resign. How can Jeff Zucker remain at CNN after we now know that much of what his network told us for two years is a total lie?”

Mueller has handed over his final report to Barr which included an announcement that there are no more indictments.

The report was delivered earlier Friday afternoon to the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s office and it was delivered to Barr’s office within minutes, a senior DOJ official told Fox News. The White House was notified that the DOJ had received the report around 4:45 p.m., before lawmakers on Capitol Hill were informed.

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