WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz Destroys Watergate Weasel John Dean With BRUTAL Takedown

WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz Destroys Watergate Weasel John Dean With BRUTAL Takedown

On Monday the House Judiciary Committee kicked off a silly mock impeachment tribunal that Democrat leadership hopes will placate the bloodthirsty base while stopping short of actually impeaching the legitimately elected POTUS.

Hatred for President Trump has built to a crescendo following the underwhelming release of the Mueller report but while the shady special counsel cleared the president in the Russian collusion hoax, Mueller’s team of legal assassins and their congressional allies laid the groundwork for an obstruction lynching despite the fact that there was no underlying crime.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler – a longtime enemy of Trump – is presiding over this grotesque spectacle which the dutiful media is likening to Watergate even if a good portion of the Democrat base hadn’t even been born yet when Richard M. Nixon was driven from office.

And who best to further the narrative about the new Watergate than convicted felon and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean who tattled on his boss and played a key role in the Democrats running Nixon out of the White House all of those many moons ago.

Dean, who is now 80 years old, a CNN contributor and a partisan hack who has made a nice living off of trading on his Watergate fame was trotted out as Nadler’s star witness despite his checkered past and the truth that other than to serve as a rationale for reversing the 2016 election, has nothing to do with President Trump who was framed by the deep state and Mueller.
The reliance on Dean is the continuation of a pattern that recently saw the Democrats similarly roll out the red carpet for another convicted felon and liar in former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, a cheese-eating rat who is now cooling his heels in a country club prison.While Nadler and Democrats continued to disgrace themselves with their obscene dog and pony show, Dean didn’t receive a warm welcome from committee Republicans led by Rep. Matt Gaetz who put the wood to the CNN commentator.

Mr. Dean, how many American presidents have you accused of being Richard Nixon?” Gaetz asked.

“I actually wrote a book about Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, with the title ‘Worse Than Watergate,’” Dean responded.

“Did you make money on that book?” Gaetz responded.

“It was a very successful book,” Dean responded.

“How much money did you make?” Gaetz pressed.

“I have no idea,” Dean said.

“More than a million bucks?” Gaetz asked.

“No,” Dean replied.

“More than half a million bucks?” Gaetz continued.

“I said I don’t have any idea,” Dean replied.

“How much money do you make from CNN?” Gaetz asked.

“Eh— I don’t really know exactly,” Dean responded.

The geriatric hippies who now hold high positions in the Democratic party may be getting their juices flowing with their attempted resurrection of Watergate as a fountain of youth but in reality, they are just drinking their own Kool-Aid.

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