WATCH: Rapper Goes On DISGUSTING Tirade Against Lahren; Tomi Hits Back With A Knockout Punch

WATCH: Rapper Goes On DISGUSTING Tirade Against Lahren; Tomi Hits Back With A Knockout Punch

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, whose rap name is “the Game,” released an extremely graphic, sexist and disturbing Instagram post directed towards conservative Tomi Lahren this week.

On Wednesday, Taylor took to Instagram where he posted a side by side photo of Lahren of what she currently looks like and what she looked like when she was 16, accusing her of plastic surgery and sleeping her way to the top.

“Listen here semen c****er, as long as you have that forehead & that baby giraffe wee wee of a nose, you’ll never win !!! You’re a racist s*** who s***ed & s******** her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame,” the liberal rapper wrote.

The rapper continued by calling Lahren “racist,” calling her a “b****” and telling her to “shut the f*** up.”

[You can never UN-S****** all the d***s you s***ed on the way up,” he wrote. “Oh’ & keep your mouth closed, I can smell the unborn babies from here,” he added.

Tomi Lahren, being the strong conservative woman she is, fought back.

“This is for you,” she said in an Instagram post, using the same side-by-side photo that Taylor used. “On the left is an unflattering high school photo of me. On the right is me now. Same big forehead, same ears that kinda stick out, same eyebrows, same Tomi. The difference? Tomi today has the guts and the confidence to post that high school photo you mocked.”

Lahren continued, “Because guess what, I don’t do what I do for your approval or praise. I do it for the millions of young girls (on both sides of the political spectrum) who deserve to see a woman like me stand up for herself and not take s*** from jerks like you.”

“And ladies,” she said, “I hope you see this and know that beauty isn’t about your hair, makeup, eyebrows, weight, or any of it. Beauty radiates when you have the confidence to stand up for and love yourself regardless of who tries to pull you down.”

“So yeah Game, you can make fun of me and demean me but end of the day, you’re just a classless rapper who degrades women for attention. I win. Game over,” she ended, adding the hashtags: “#TeamTomi#stillconfident #neverplaydead”

Later on Fox News, Lahren once again addressed the situation.

“The things he said about me were perhaps the ugliest and most repulsive things I have ever read,” started the conservative commentator. “And I’ve read A LOT of nasty things about myself.”

“I have thick skin, really thick skin, but I am still a human being. I am someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter, someone’s girlfriend, and a person,” she said. “You don’t have to like me. You can even call me ugly, dumb, or a whole dictionary full of horrible things, but the collection of things that have been said or directed at me from The Game and friends, is not okay. And it’s not just that it’s not okay to say those things to me…It’s not okay period.”

“Look, I don’t worry about me,” she continued. “I signed up for this. I think about all the young ladies who follow me and read this stuff and see this stuff.”

“I know girls see this stuff and think, I will never speak out like Tomi does and I will never be confident in my opinions because look what happens when you are — you get treated like less than a human,” she said.

“I don’t back down and I don’t stoop to their level because that’s not how I was raised. I may make political points that offend people and I’ll own that, but I would never even think half of the things that are said about me and to me. I wouldn’t wish that kind of language on my worst enemy,” Lahren said.

The Left has become so sickening that they are degrading conservative women like this because they disagree politically.

Taylor’s Instagram post has since been deleted and instead of blaming himself for his sexist words, he blamed Instagram for being “racist.” Typical liberal!

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