WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Slurs Words, Says She Will Keep ‘Gov. Closed Forever’ Before Funding Wall

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Slurs Words, Says She Will Keep ‘Gov. Closed Forever’ Before Funding Wall

House Minority Leaders vowed on Thursday to “keep the government closed forever” before agreeing to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall.During her weekly news conference, the 79-year-old Democrat also slurred her words and had a tough time verbalizing her thoughts.

Pelosi told reporters that she’s spoken with Trump but that she and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., are “not in negotiation” about the deal.

“We’re not going for the $5 billion for the wall. We simply are not,” she said, blankly staring at the cameras.


Throughout her 18-minute news briefing, the California progressive slurred her words, blankly stared at reporters, took long pauses to finish her sentences, and suffered several brain freezes.

“It is a bill that, uh,” Pelosi began, suffering what appeared to be an eye twitch. “Is much needed for our farmers and ranchers,” she added, repeating the word “ranchers” when talking about passing the spending bill.

“The American people should know the source of it,” she said, not explaining what she’s talking about while apparently expecting everyone to understand what she is rambling about.

Pelosi was then asked about her call with Trump on Wednesday and had a hard time finding the right word.

“No I haven’t spoken to him since he called the other day, which was a very amicable— amicable, uh, conversation— amiable, I guess you would say, not amicable,” she spouted.

She then lectured the media about the stories they are covering, suggesting they aren’t reporting on what she thinks is important.

“There are other things going on that are newsworthy, and I think,” she said. “I think you’d have more viewers or readers if you addressed concerns that people have.”

Pelosi then struggled mightily to tell a story about a “bus boy” she briefly spoke with at the Willard Hotel.

We go to the hotel, see the staff and thank them— the service staff, the busboys, that. One of them said to me, ‘Here’s some advice I’ll give you. When they ask about the President’s tax returns, and he says,’ um, um, when they talk about the Mueller— that was it. ‘When they talk about the Mueller’— this is a newcomer to America. In the back of the restaurant of the hotel restaurant, saying, ‘When the President says the Mueller investigation is going on too long, just tell them not as long as your audit, Mr. President.”

“Wisdom from the kitchen of the Willard Hotel,” Pelosi said with an insulting tone.

The government is set to partially shut down in less than a week if Congress doesn’t pass a spending bill.

Trump wants $5 billion for the border wall and Democrats are only offering $1.7 billion, which they claim is a “very generous offer.”

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