WATCH: Maxine Goes NUTS Over Mueller Report, Unveils Plan B For ‘Expert Criminal’ Trump

WATCH: Maxine Goes NUTS Over Mueller Report, Unveils Plan B For ‘Expert Criminal’ Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters went nuts over the weekend while discussing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report and unveiled her “Plan B” for President Donald Trump.

During an interview Friday night on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes, Waters called Trump an “expert criminal” and detailed how Democrats have a new plan to “get” the president: go after his tax returns. 

Well, first of all, it has been stated over and over again that so many other presidents released their tax returns, that everybody expects that the president of the United States would follow suit, and he would release his returns. He’s lied. He said that they’re under audit. He never intended to release them,” Waters began.

“He is not going to release them until we make him, until we force him to do it. He thinks now, that if he goes to court, if he ties it up in court, if he makes it go on long enough, that he’ll get to the Supreme Court, he thinks he owns enough votes in the Supreme Court in order to be protected,” she added.

Waters continued, “This president is an expert criminal who knows how to do everything possible to protect himself. And all of those people who get in the way, who happen to be hired by government, will be fired. He attacks any government official who denies him what he wants to have.”

After calling Trump a liar and “criminal,” the California Democrat went on to list two reasons why the president’s tax returns must be released.

The law gives the Ways and Means Committee the right to go after them, and we cannot let up,” she added, making it clear the Democrats goal is to go after the president.

Waters has made a habit out of using threatening language towards the president.

After receiving the “Democratic Woman of the Year” award earlier this month, Waters vowed to “get rid of” Trump and then led the crowd of Democrats in a bizarre “impeach 45” chant.

“Some people say how dare her come out and say, ‘Impeach him! She doesn’t know enough about him to talk about impeaching him.’ But now the American people whether they say it or not, they know that this man is dangerous. That he’s not capable of the truth,” Waters said.

But guess what?” she said. “They’re going to believe it when we get rid of him,” Waters continued.

Aside from her threatening comments towards Trump, Waters again pushed several lies about Trump and Russia.

Last month, Mueller submitted his final report to the Department of Justice and it is nothing short of a total exoneration of Trump and his campaign.

Given a bulk of the report likely contains highly sensitive information, Attorney General William Barr provided Congress with a 4-page document on Sunday outlining the main takeaways from Mueller’s report.

Barr said that Mueller’s report makes it clear there he found no collusion or evidence that Trump ever committed a crime.

Barr wrote that the DOJ will not be bringing any charges against Trump for alleged obstruction of justice or anything else regarding the Russia probe.

Trump has been completely cleared in the Russia probe and there are no charges being brought against him for collusion or obstructing justice.

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