WATCH: Joe Biden Panders To Left, Calls For Change In ‘White Man’s Culture’

WATCH: Joe Biden Panders To Left, Calls For Change In ‘White Man’s Culture’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has taken pandering to a new low with his latest appeal to the identity-obsessed fanatics that now comprise a good portion of the Democratic party base.Even as many in the establishment media are predicting that the 76-year-old career politician gives the party the best shot at recapturing disillusioned white working-class voters who went for Trump in 2016, Biden’s increasingly shameless efforts to appeal to social justice types may well end up with him shooting himself in the foot with that same demographic.

It’s just bad luck that Biden’s long-desired shot at the White House happens to come at a time when his party has become radicalized beyond recognition but his attempts to compensate for being a white male are becoming more pathetic every time that he opens his mouth.

It was only last week that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg mocked both Biden and Beto for what he referred to as their “apology tour” but the gaffe-prone Biden has truly outdone himself this time.

During his speech at – get this – The Biden Courage Awards in New York City, old Foghorn Leghorn groveled and sought forgiveness for not having Anita Hill’s back when he was the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In addition to begging for atonement for his past sins, Biden also condemned what he referred to as “white man’s culture” whatever the hell that is.

Former Vice President Joe Biden condemned “a white man’s culture” as he lashed out at violence against women and, more specifically, lamented his role in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings that undermined Anita Hill’s credibility nearly three decades ago.

Biden, a Democratic presidential prospect who often highlights his white working-class roots, said Hill, who is black, should not have been forced to face a panel of “a bunch of white guys” about her sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas.

“To this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she deserved,” he said Tuesday night, echoing comments he delivered last fall as the nation debated sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh amid his Supreme Court confirmation hearing. “I wish I could have done something.”

Biden’s remarks were made in the context of talking about violence towards women but it is just the latest in a pathetic exercise of pandering to overcome insurmountable odds and get enough support as a white man to win the party’s nomination.

…the former vice president, citing cases of domestic violence in the early 1900s, said English Jurisprudential culture, “a white man’s culture,” has got to change.

“In the 1900s so many women were dying at the hands of their husbands because they were chattel, just like the cattle, or the sheep, that the court of Common Law decided they had to do something about the extent of the deaths. You know what they said? No man has a right to chastise his woman with a rod thicker than the circumference of his thumb. This is English Jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change. It’s got to change,” Biden demanded.

This after reports that Biden was willing to promise to serve only one term and to tab demagogic sore loser Stacey Abrams – who still won’t concede her loss of Georgia’s governorship – as his running mate.

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But Biden is sorely mistaken if he believes that any amount of apologizing is going to compensate for being the wrong man of the wrong skin color at the wrong time in history.

It’s bad enough that there are more pictures on the internet of Biden groping women than Carter has liver pills but this dishonorable spectacle only demonstrates that he is manifestly unfit for the presidency.

The rapid deterioration of the Democratic party into what can only be described as an entity that openly supports anti-white racism has been a stunning thing to watch and isn’t going to win back those votes in the Rust Belt that now look like they may be lost forever with the Dems no longer even pretending to care about real issues.

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