WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Guest Giving TRUE OPINION After Dem Lawmaker Makes Excuses For Ocasio-Cortez

WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Guest Giving TRUE OPINION After Dem Lawmaker Makes Excuses For Ocasio-Cortez

A hot mic overheard a CNBC guest blasting a top Democrat for making excuses about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing a huge role in Amazon cancelling plans to build a second headquarters in New York.

During a segment on Squawk Box, Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., was asked about his role in trying to persuade Amazon to consider building its HQ2 in New York City.

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Meeks argued that any deal from Amazon would have to benefit minorities.

“Let me say this though, I think that there was a minority of individuals that were against the deal there was a lot of voices like the governor and the mayor and number of elected officials,” Meeks said.

“If you look at the number of individuals, there were more for the deal than against the deal and that’s why we’ve been trying to get the deal back on the table,” he added.

“I do believe we got to be inclusive in any deals, though,” Meeks continued.

While the segment was still live on the air, CNBC guest host Sam Zell, a billionaire investor, responded by saying, “Same here.”

Then, Zell apparently thought the segment had ended because he was heard on the hot mic saying, “What a crock of s**t” in response to the Democrat’s argument.

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CNBC co-host Melissa Lee smirked after hearing the comment and joked by saying, “Squawk Box, where anything can happen.”

The Amazon deal was unequivocally sabotaged by Ocasio-Cortez, which would have provided billions of dollars in economic revenue as well as roughly 25,000 jobs for New Yorkers.
Some argue that Ocasio-Cortez was only opposed to the deal because she does not have any basic understanding of how the tax incentives on the deal worked.

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Her blunder was only intensified when she showed that she knew absolutely nothing about economics or tax breaks.

Here’s one of Ocasio-Cortez’s statements following the deal crashing:

What’s great is that our economy, our local economy, is already growing. So I firmly believe that if we want to take that $3 billion dollars that we were willing to give to Amazon and invest it in our local community, we can do that. We can make those jobs. We can make 25,000 jobs. But we don’t have to give away and allow our subway system to crumble so that Amazon essentially owns a part of New York City.

We can create 25,000 jobs with Mom-and-Pops; we can create 25,ooo jobs with companies that are willing to come to the table, but we should not be giving away our infrastructure, our subway system, our schools, our teachers’ salaries, our firefighters’ budgets, to a company that has not shown good faith to New Yorkers. And we can ask for more because we deserve more.

Wow. She actually thinks the “tax break” can be spent now that Amazon is gone and not coming.

Many Americans would happily take Zell’s comments and apply them to Ocasio-Cortez, who often proves that her arguments are “a crock of s**t.”
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