WATCH: Hillary Suggests Trump Voters Are ‘Sexist Trash’, Claims Trump Is ‘Scared’ Of Pelosi

WATCH: Hillary Suggests Trump Voters Are ‘Sexist Trash’, Claims Trump Is ‘Scared’ Of Pelosi

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday suggested that Trump voters are”sexist trash” and claimed that President Donald Trump is “running scared” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During a speech over the weekend at a Harris County Democratic Party event in Houston, Texas, Clinton falsely accused the president of spreading a “doctored” video of Pelosi, which was a compilation of her slurring her words and stuttering.

“Just look at what’s happened in the last 24 hours, the president and his cronies have been running around spreading a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi,” she said. “Now it is sexist trash, but it’s also a sign that Trump is running scared.”

It sure sounds like Clinton argued that Trump supporters who shared the clip are “sexist trash.”

Clinton also said Trump had posed a “Constitutional crisis” to the country.

On Thursday, Trump shared a Fox Business compilation of Pelosi struggling to deliver a coherent sentence and suggested that something was “off” about her speech.

At one point in her speech, she held up two fingers while listing off three points.


Trump’s feud with Pelosi hit overdrive last week after a tense meeting and the Speaker accusing the president of being involved in a criminal conspiracy.

Pelosi claimed that Trump lost his mind and slammed his fist on the table during an infrastructure meeting at the White House last Wednesday.

However, Trump not only set the record straight himself, he brought several witnesses to tell the media what really happened in the closed-door meeting.

After the abruptly cancelled meeting on Thursday, Pelosi crossed a major line and revealed her sick wish for President Donald Trump’s family.

Pelosi implied to reporters that Trump had mental issues, said she was “praying” for the president, and suggested that his family ought to “stage an intervention.”

“I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country,” Pelosi said.


Pelosi was also reportedly very rude to Trump’s staff during the meeting on Wednesday, and even tried to go after Kellyanne Conway.

While leaving the Oval Office, Pelosi rudely went after the president when he was not around.

“I knew he was looking for a way out,” Pelosi said when Trump left the room. “We were expecting this.”

Conway, who was still in the room after Trump left, replied: “Respectfully, Madam Speaker, do you have a direct response to the president?”

Pelosi said she was responding to the president and not his staff.

“Really great,” Conway said sarcastically. “That’s really pro-woman of you.”

This has been a tough month for Pelosi in her quest to go after Trump, and things are likely only going to get worse headed into 2020.

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