WATCH: Hillary Clinton Has A New Excuse For Why She Lost – Try Not To Laugh

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Has A New Excuse For Why She Lost – Try Not To Laugh

Failed Democrat presidential candidate and bitter clinger Hillary Clinton is still whining over her crushing election loss and debuted yet another in a long series of excuses.

Mrs. Clinton was so certain of the historic victory that the entire media had guaranteed that she scheduled an election day fireworks display but then watched in shock and horror it all went up in smoke.

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Hillary’s arrogant team had been so cocksure of her presidency that they never once bothered to try to appeal to white working-class workers who had previously voted for Barack Obama.

It was largely this fatal error that turned the Rust Belt into her campaign’s graveyard and rather than gracefully accept the defeat like every other election loser in history, hateful Hillary has spent the last three years poisoning the land with her venom.

And that venom generously spewed from the mouth of every serpent dancing on Medusa’s head during a speech at favorite haunt George Washington University where she invoked the Stacey Abrams playbook and blamed her loss on voter suppression.

Speaking at George Washington University, Clinton accused Republicans of rolling back voter protections and employing tactics aimed at keeping racial minorities from the polls.

Clinton said she had been counseling Democratic White House hopefuls to warn them that voter suppression, hacking, fake news stories and a lack of election security in 2016 had contributed to her own election loss and that a failure to address those issues could lead Democrats to defeat once again in 2020.

“This is one of those moments we stand at a crossroads of our own a crisis in democracy,” Clinton said. “Racists and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House. Hard fought for civil rights are stripped back. Rule of law is being undermined, our norms and institutions … are under assault, and that includes the single most important fight of our times…the fight to protect the right to vote.”

Like the rest of the lamentable Democratic 2020 field, Hillary seeks to weaponize resentment from black voters by promoting the big lie that the nonexistent racist, white supremacist system has stolen Democracy.

It is divisive, it’s dishonest and dangerous but for a woman who at 71-years-old has yet to develop a shred of self-awareness, it is better than admitting the truth and that truth is that in 2016 (and 2008) that voters thought that she sucked.

Mrs. Clinton went on to bemoan the Electoral College, a convenient scapegoat now that Democrats and their socialist policies have been rejected everyplace in the U.S. with the exception of the areas populated by the coastal elite and Chicago.

“You can run the best campaign and have the best plans and get the nomination and win the popular vote and you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election…”

Whined Hillary.

By lumping the Electoral College in with the Russians, James Comey, white men, racists and dozens of other excuses, Clinton is acknowledging the gross incompetence of her own campaign which took the electoral votes of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin as a given even though Bernie Sanders beat her in two of the four key states.

It was her own inattention to white working-class voters in those states that brought the “blue wall” crashing down with her buried beneath the rubble.

Still, Hillary is maintaining a public profile and with the Democrat field in disarray largely due to the senility of Joe Biden and the socialist lunacy of the rest of the pack, she may yet come sweeping in to “rescue” the party.

If Hillary runs – and many expect that she will – look for Mayor Pete to be tabbed as her running mate and attack dog despite his serious problems with the key black voter demographic.

Like an incurable sexually transmitted disease or a Formosan termite infestation, Hillary is not going away.

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