WATCH: Fox Host Corners Bernie, Gets Him To ADMIT How He’ll Force Americans To FUND His Socialism

WATCH: Fox Host Corners Bernie, Gets Him To ADMIT How He’ll Force Americans To FUND His Socialism

During his town hall event on Monday hosted by Fox News, Bernie Sanders was asked a wide variety of questions, mostly relating to his radical socialist agenda.

The socialist blatantly noted that if elected President, he would be raising everyone’s taxes.

He contradicted himself by saying, “Look, health care is not free” but it will “be free at the point of when you use it, okay?”

Sounds like a total scam to me!

Sanders continued. “Let’s just say, hypothetically, you are self-employed, and you’ve got a husband and two kids, okay? Family of four. You know how much that family is paying today for health care? $28,000 a year. We’re spending $11,000 per person. We’re saying to that family of four, you ain’t going to pay that 28,000. You’re not paying any more premiums. You’re not paying any more co-payments. You’re not paying any more deductibles. How’s that? 28,000 you’re not paying, but does that mean you’re not going to pay something? Of course it does. You’re going to pay more in taxes.”

Are people going to pay more in taxes? Yes. But at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people are going to end up paying less for health care. Because they’re not paying premiums, co-payments, and deductibles,” he concluded.

Instead of making healthcare private, Sanders wants it to be ran by the government with a socialized medical plan. You will not have a choice with your healthcare coverage just like Obamacare and instead, will be forced to pay much more in taxes. Do we really want to trust our government with our health?

This wasn’t the only time Sanders completely embarrassed himself during the town hall event.

Sanders got stumped when Fox News Host Bret Baier asked him the one simple question that we have all been wondering.

“Your taxes do show that you are a millionaire,” Baier started. “You did make a million in 2016 and 2017. But your marginal tax rate was 26% because of President Trump’s tax cuts so why not say ‘I’m leading this revolution, I’m not going to take those [cuts]’”

This question really seemed to stump the radical socialist. “”Pfft…huuuu…come on….” he said at a loss for words.

He continued by completely ignoring the question and changing the topic to President Trump’s tax returns.

I am, I paid the taxes that I owe…why don’t you get Donald Trump up here and ask him how much he pays in taxes.” he said.

One problem Bernie. Trump isn’t the one who is saying that he wants to tax the rich at a 90% rate… YOU ARE. So why aren’t you offering 90% of what you make to the government considering it was YOUR idea to tax the top 1% at this rate and YOU are the top one percent?


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