WATCH: Chuck Schumer Mocks Trump On Shutdown; “I Hope He’s Learned His Lesson”

WATCH: Chuck Schumer Mocks Trump On Shutdown; “I Hope He’s Learned His Lesson”

Democrats are gloating after President Trump’s surprise agreement to end the government shutdown on Friday without any funding for the border wall which has been seen by many as a sign of weakness and is already testing the faith of some members of his loyal base.

With the shutdown having dragged on for over a month and the media dutifully blaming it all on Trump, the president blinked first and the Dems piled on.

Pelosi’s better half rushed to spike the ball by mocking the leader of the free world as if he was an errant child. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reveled in his victory by rushing to find reporters to say that he hoped that Trump had “learned his lesson” and that Dems will never agree to fund a border wall.

Democratic leaders took a victory lap Friday after President Trump agreed to end a partial government shutdown without a guarantee that he will ever receive the border wall funding he has demanded since his 2016 campaign.

“Democrats in the Senate and the House were united behind this position throughout the shutdown and ultimately this agreement endorses our position,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said after Trump’s announcement. “Hopefully the president has learned his lesson.”

Trump announced Friday he’ll sign a bill to reopen partially closed departments and agencies closed since Dec. 22 thanks to a fight over border wall funding.

The bill will keep the government fully operational until Feb. 15. The three weeks are intended to provide Democrats and Republicans with a chance to negotiate a comprehensive deal on border security. Trump and Republicans said those discussions would include money for physical barriers on the southern border, but Democrats on Friday appeared as resistant as ever to the idea of federal funding for a wall.

“Democrats are firmly against the wall,” Schumer said Friday, adding that Trump was proven wrong that Democrats would “crack” and vote for the wall.

Smelling blood in the water, Pelosi also accused Trump of being blackmailed by Putin as impeachment looms.

The president was clear that the deal was only a three-week temporary fix and may soon issue an executive order to build the wall. That is an increasingly likely possibility although not one that is without risk because lawsuits will be filed and his constitutional authority will be challenged.

it was disheartening to many of his diehard supporters including pundit Ann Coulter who ripped Trump on Twitter, calling him a bigger “wimp” than former President George H.W. Bush


The next three weeks will be critical to Trump’s presidency and Democrats will not give an inch on the wall now that they have scored what is being spun as a huge victory.

Whether or not the POTUS declares a national emergency remains to be seen but if he doesn’t then he risks losing more than just Ann Coulter.

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