WATCH: Chris Rock Defies NAACP, Trashes Jussie Smollett

WATCH: Chris Rock Defies NAACP, Trashes Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett has been in the news for the past two months for staging a hate crime on himself and blaming it on Trump supporters. Smollett was facing 16 counts until earlier this week when the unthinkable happened and Chicago prosecutors decided to drop all his charges.

During the NAACP awards, the hosts of the award show were specifically told to not make any Jussie Smollett jokes. Chris Rock, decided to ignore this order and absolutely demolished the actor from ‘Empire.’

“They said No Jussie Smollett jokes,” Rock joked. “What a waste of light skin. Do you know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here! I’d be running Hollywood!”

He continued: “What the hell was he thinking? You’re ‘Jessie’ from now on. You don’t get the ‘u’ no more. That ‘u’ was respect. You ain’t getting no respect from me!”


It’s nice to see that there is at least one person in Hollywood who isn’t afraid to say what is right and go against the radical progressive agenda.

Jussie Smollett is responsible for staging an entire hate crime on himself where he paid two of his Nigerian friends to attack him and then he proceeded to blame it on Trump supporters.

Smollett was facing 16 felony counts until a bizarre change of events took place and the corrupt Chicago prosecutors let him off the hook. Although this was very good news for Smollett considering he skated through the American justice system, new reports say that he will most likely be fired from his show ‘Empire.’

Check out what Breitbart reported:

As the scandal around Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s inexplicable decision to drop all 16 felony counts against Smollett turns nuclear, sources tell Deadline Smollett is seen as radioactive.

“It’s a position that seems headed towards Empire coming back for another season, but most likely without Smollett, ” reports Deadline.

A source explains, “Things are so unclear and there is a feeling that this isn’t over, that there’s more to come.”

Indeed there is.

As Pajama Media’s Roger Simon put it Tuesday, Smollett is now seen by the public as “the new O. J., another man getting away with a crime he committed in full public view. That didn’t work out very well for The Juice. In fact, he’s a pariah for life. And it won’t for Smollett either.”

That is exactly right, with one crucial difference…

After butchering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. had no choice but to proclaim his innocence until the very end. His choice was a stark one: Life in prison or not.

Breitbart later noted, “From the sounds of it, Fox has a legitimate out if they do indeed decide to drop Smollett — and that is the pending federal case.”

It’s a shame that Smollett was able to stage a hate crime on himself and get away with it, but it’s also a shame that Chris Rock was told not to “make any Jussie Smollett jokes.” It just goes to show the extreme bias and cesspool of people in Hollywood!

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