WATCH: Beto Gets Absolutely SHREDDED By Far-Left Hosts Of “The View”

WATCH: Beto Gets Absolutely SHREDDED By Far-Left Hosts Of “The View”

Failed Senate candidate “Beto” O’Rourke is likely to soon be a failed presidential candidate, as well.

The former Democrat Congressman from Texas was just mocked by the women of “The View,” a surefire bad sign for any liberal contender.

Check this out…

From Daily Wire:

On Monday, in a shocking turn on “The View,” the audience, which had hitherto swooned in past shows over Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, turned on him after hosts Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg tore into him, with McCain attacking the media’s fawning coverage of him while pointing out that a woman would be pilloried if she left her kids and went on a road trip to find herself, as O’Rourke did after losing his Senate race to Ted Cruz in Texas. That elicited applause from the show’s typically leftist audience, which prompted Goldberg to agree with McCain and mock O’Rourke, bringing laughter.

McCain started by asserting:

I think there is, there’s a sort of cognitive dissonance; I don’t know which comes first; you’re right. Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg, they’re polling in the top three (unintelligible) in Iowa, New Hampshire, most swing states right now. Polls can change. I don’t know if it’s that journalists are following them because they’re doing so well; I will say it is noteworthy Pete Buttigieg is a minority in and of itself; he’s an openly gay man so that’s historical as well.

I will say that what bothers me of all the coverage of the candidates so far is — and I know you like him, but Beto’s coverage infuriates me on an almost daily basis. No woman could ever lose running for Senate and then go on a Jack Kerouac road trip, abandoning his wife and kids, finding himself (Goldberg starts laughing) then do an announcement on the cover of Vanity Fair, that’s what he did, and then going on — he did; he left them and went on a road trip to find himself after he lost. No woman could do that. And then he went on —

Time to pack it in, “Beto!”

Robert Francis O’Rourke is Irish. That much is clear.

Why, or how, he took the nickname “Beto” makes little sense, but it plays extremely well with his far-left base.

What’s wild is that the Associated Press is saying O’Rourke spoke to a rally crowd in his “native Spanish.”

You know, because all Irish-Americans grow up speaking Espanol!

From NewsBusters:

How far will the liberal media go to boost Beto O’Rourke’s Hispanic street cred? In an article published today, the Associated Press wrote that in a speech he gave in his hometown of El Paso [emphasis added] :
“O’Rourke also spoke at length in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.”

“Native Spanish?” Sorry, AP, but Beto is an American-born, fourth-generation Irish-American. He doesn’t seem ever to have lived in a Spanish-speaking country. His native language is inglés–sorry, English.

This tweet contains a clip of Beto speaking Spanish in an interview with Jorge Ramos. Truly native Spanish speakers will immediately note that whereas Beto speaks well, he has a noticeable American accent and that his grammar and syntax are far from perfect.

It looks like the AP, along with many in the mainstream media, are doing everything they can to prop up Beto in order to take down President Trump.

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Could that be any more clear?

What’s next? Will the AP claim Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks in his native French!?

New details have emerged about O’Rourke’s past as part of a hackers group, along with being in a band that wore crazy costumes while on stage.

It is now being revealed that Beto would eat dirt and “torment” his wife with “Psycho”-style shower scenes.

From Daily Wire:

A new profile piece from The Washington Post on Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke documented multiple instances of highly disturbing behavior from the failed Senate candidate, including eating dirt and taking poop from his kid’s diaper and putting it into a bowl and telling his wife that it was an avocado.

The piece specifically focused on Beto’s marriage to his wife Amy, who indicated that she was not exactly thrilled to be in a marriage that was so heavily involved in politics.

Buried deep in the article was a paragraph that documented his “‘Psycho’-style scares in the shower,” and another bizarre incident from their marriage. The Post reports:

One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado. (Neither would confirm this, though Beto did allow it sounded like something he’d do.)

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