WATCH: Ana Navarro Yells And Curses At Pro-Trump Guest For Asking Her To Show The President Respect

WATCH: Ana Navarro Yells And Curses At Pro-Trump Guest For Asking Her To Show The President Respect

CNN’s Ana Navarro, a notable Never-Trumper, lost her mind on Wednesday night and cursed at a pro-Trump guest for asking her to show respect to the president.During an intense segment on CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” things got very heated when Steve Cortes criticized Navarro for referring to President Donald Trump as a “rat.”

Navarro said Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are “rats” and claimed that also makes Trump a “rat.”

“In politics, in life, in business, the people around the principal are a very accurate reflection of that principal. You see it all the time. So the reason [Trump] is surrounded by all these rats, is because he is a rat,” she spouted.

Cortes immediately fired back, saying she was being very “disrespectful” to Trump.

“Enough of that smearing and name calling. We can talk about this like adults” Cortes said, with host Chris Cuomo giving Navarro the floor to let loose on the pro-Trump supporter.

Tell you what, Steve when you tell the president to stop calling black athletes sons of b*tches, when you tell the president to stop calling Maxine Waters and other congresspeople dumb as rocks, when you start telling the president to stop insulting Don Lemon and LeBron James and people like me, then maybe, maybe, maybe I will listen to you. But until you do that, don’t come here and lecture me on how I should talk,” she shouted.

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Cortes again said Navarro should be more respectful to the president, and she launched into another profanity-laced diatribe.

“I judge him on separating children at the border. I judge him on calling African countries sh*tholes. I judge him on saying that Haitians have AIDS,” she continued to shout.

Quite amazing to see Navarro lecture others on “civility” and “respect” while she was screaming and cursing on live television.

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Navarro, who claims she’s a Republican, has a long history of using foul language and making controversial remarks about the president.

Last month, she became so enraged during a segment on CNN that she called Trump a “racist pig.”

“Well, I think he’s racist,” Navarro said. “He is a racist pig!”

Navarro, who previously mocked First Lady Melania Trump by claiming she suffers “oxygen deprivation to the brain,” was attempting to argue that Trump is racist because of his tough immigration policies.

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During a CNN segment over the summer, Navarro lost her mind and shoutedthat Trump is “a bigot and a misogynist and a hypocrite and a racist.”

“Racist, racist, racist, racism, racism, racism,” she bizarrely shouted over other guests who were trying to respond to her comments.

This is also the same woman who called Trump a “c*nt” in Spanish and said he’s “unfit to be human.”

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