WATCH: Ana Navarro Smugly Files Her Nails When CNN Guest Mentions Illegal Immigrant Crime

WATCH: Ana Navarro Smugly Files Her Nails When CNN Guest Mentions Illegal Immigrant Crime

CNN commentator Ana Navarro shouted, sighed, rolled her eyes, and filed her nails when a pro-Trump supporter described innocent Americans who were killed by illegal aliens.

During an off-the-walls segment on CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Navarro and Steve Cortes, a former Trump campaign adviser, slugged it out over the partial government shutdown and funding for the border wall.

The segment heated up when Cortes suggested Navarro was on “the left” and not actually a Republican, which she claims to be.

You just said that the president is demonizing immigrants, and this is another sort of sleight of hand that the left loves to try to put over on the American people. He has never demonized immigrants. He is against illegal aliens. He’s against breaking and entering into our country. He’s against a lawless border. He loves legal immigrants,” Cortes said.

“I have asked you in the past, and I will ask you again today to stop referring to me as left. Let me remind you that I was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat. I was a Republican when Donald Trump was an independent,” Navarro responded. “I was a Republican and supporting Republicans when Donald Trump had Hillary and Bill Clinton at his wedding and was giving Nancy Pelosi money.”

She shouted back: “So the fact that people like you have enabled Donald Trump to take this party hostage and change and give up and compromise convictions and principles, Republican ones that I grew up with does not make me left. I fled left, I fled communism.”

This is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He might be the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge. So if you oppose the conservative policies of this president you are de facto a leftie,” Cortes fired back while Navarro was literally shouting over him.

Host Chris Cuomo attempted to settle things down, but Navarro would not let it go.

“He is not a conservative!” Navarro yelled. “Do you think that having sex with a stripper is conservative values? Do you think cheating on the stripper with a playboy bunny is conservative values?!”

Watch below, with Navarro filing her nails at the 6:40 mark:

Navarro, who claims she’s a Republican, has a long history of using foul language and making controversial remarks about the president.

During an intense segment last month on CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Navarro lost her mind and cursed at Cortes for asking her to show respect to the president.

Navarro and Cortes locked horns again when he criticized her for referring to Trump as a “rat.”

Cortes immediately fired back, saying she was being very “disrespectful” to Trump.

“Enough of that smearing and name calling. We can talk about this like adults” Cortes said.

“Tell you what, Steve when you tell the president to stop calling black athletes sons of b*tches, when you tell the president to stop calling Maxine Waters and other congresspeople dumb as rocks, when you start telling the president to stop insulting Don Lemon and LeBron James and people like me, then maybe, maybe, maybe I will listen to you. But until you do that, don’t come here and lecture me on how I should talk,” she shouted.

Watch below:

Last month, she became so enraged during a segment on CNN that she called Trump a “racist pig.”

Navarro previously mocked First Lady Melania Trump by claiming she suffers “oxygen deprivation to the brain,” called Trump a “c*nt” in Spanish, and said the president is “unfit to be human.”

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