Vox Says Trump Is ‘Racist’ For Giving Football Players Fast Food Buffet

Vox Says Trump Is ‘Racist’ For Giving Football Players Fast Food Buffet

After the media’s unhinged reaction to President Trump’s White House meeting with the Clemson Tigers college football team set off a tsunami of silliness, you just had to know that THIS was coming.

Early howls of indignation over feeding the recently crowned NCAA champions burgers, fries, pizza, and salads were sad and predictable and it was inevitable that it wouldn’t be long until the race card was whipped out as it so often is in these twisted times.

Far-left website Vox was the first to go there by invoking the lazy, dishonest and constantly used smear that Trump is a “racist” for serving such fare to college athletes as if many of them have never once quaffed down a Big Mac or a Whopper.According to Vox’s article, such a meal was criticized as “racist and classist” despite the fact that millions of Americans regularly eat fast food on a daily basis and that the golden arches have long been one of America’s most recognized international symbols with McDonald’s operating restaurants in over 100 countries – including Russia.

Though he told reporters that he had personally bought “300 hamburgers,” in a tweet the next morning that number had skyrocketed to “1000 hamberders [sic].” (Photos and videos of the scene show that the lower number is likely the more correct one.)

But though this provides a clear, if a bit insignificant, portrait of the ease at which Trump is capable of lying, others have accused Trump of disrespecting the athletes by serving them cheap fast food. Some have also argued that the right thing to do would have been to bring in his kitchen staff at the Trump International Hotel, which is just three blocks from the White House.

There were, of course, the sorts of viral tweets that one would expect on such an occasion. One poked fun at the juxtaposition of presumably hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of silver and china “holding $29.50 of lukewarm dog shit,” another called it “probably the best metaphor for Trump’s presidency that I can think of.” A third likened the move to something that Talladega Nights’ Ricky Bobby would do, comparing Trump to the wealthy yet unsophisticated protagonist.


But for some, Trump’s comments, particularly when he speculated to reporters prior to the event that “I would think that’s their favorite food,” referring to chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, rang as classist or racist.

It’s not much of a leap to assume that Trump guessed that many Clemson Tigers are black or come from working-class backgrounds, and thus presumed they prefer cheap, fatty foods over anything the White House would typically serve for guests in the State Dining Room.

While Vox is careful not to outright make the accusation, the intent of the piece is perfectly clear and that is to play a part in furthering a divisive and false narrative.

Hell, it’s not like he had Popeye’s cater the affair.

The real racism and classism comes from the cultural elitist snobs at Vox and the arugula-eating, Starbucks sipping liberal Star-Bellied Sneetches who look down on regular Americans that they scoff at as unsophisticated wretched bigots and snicker at from their coastal enclaves and believe that people who shop at Walmart smell badly

One has to wonder whether the constant race-baiting will soon jump the shark because when everything is racism, it has been reduced the point where nothing is racism due to overuse that has rendered the term nearly meaningless.

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