US briefing: Pelosi on Trump, ‘improved’ Brexit deal and fake medicine threat

US briefing: Pelosi on Trump, ‘improved’ Brexit deal and fake medicine threat

Donald Trump should not be impeached unless the reasons for doing so are overwhelming and have bipartisan support, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has said. “I’m not for impeach

ment … He’s just not worth it,” she told the Washington Post. In her most direct comments yet on the subject, the top US Democrat appeared to concede there was not yet a compelling case for Trump’s impeachment. Nonetheless, she said he was ethically and intellectually unfit for office.

  • Investigation: Special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to soon report findings from his investigation on whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government, which could prompt Congress to take action.
  • The British prime minister called on MPs to back a revised withdrawal dealthat she said would ensure the UK could not be trapped within a permanent customs union, thus securing the changes parliament wanted. However, the European commission president said the EU had not acquiesced to May’s central demand, though he did emphasise the temporary nature of the Irish backstop. Meanwhile, others cast doubt on whether the changes were legally binding, with one Tory MP saying the government had put “a very good gloss on something that falls short”.

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