UNREAL: The NAACP Wants To Give Prestigious Award To Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

UNREAL: The NAACP Wants To Give Prestigious Award To Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

In yet another example of these troubling times of institutional decay, the nation’s preeminent civil rights organization is poised to give an award to hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.
The NAACP’s Image Awards will be held this weekend and the actor is up for the best actor honor for his work in the Fox series “Empire” that chronicles the life of a hip-hop entertainment mogul and his family.

Smollett’s orchestrating of a fake hate crime and this week’s shocking actions by a corrupt Cook County prosecutor to dismiss a slew of felony charges despite mountains of evidence gathered by police would give any organization a reason to distance themselves from him.

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But not the NAACP.

In fact, it may be the hoax that seals the deal and allows Smollett to bring home the hardware in what will be a political statement against President Trump who will be vilified by all at yet another award ceremony.

Just days after the prosecutors dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett, who had been indicted on 16 counts of disorderly conduct, the “Empire” actor could again make headlines.

Smollett is nominated for the 2019 NAACP Image Awards, scheduled for Saturday. Six-time host and “Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson told Variety on Wednesday that he hopes to see the controversial actor there.

“I hope he wins,” Anderson added. “I’m happy for him that the system worked for him in his favor because the system isn’t always fair, especially for people of color. So I’m glad it worked out for him.”

That “system” may have worked to the politically-connected celebrity social justice warrior Smollett but his getting off scot-free for the despicable staging of a phony attack against himself will over the long term end up causing grievous harm to real victims of hate crimes whose stories may be viewed with skepticism following this high-profile example.

At least that is what Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel has suggested in his remarks following the news that Kim Foxx’s office dropped all charges.

Via The Chicago Tribune:

The ethical cost is as a person who was in the House of Representatives when we tried to pass the Shepard legislation that dealt with hate crimes, putting them on the books, that President (Barack) Obama then signed into law; to then use those very laws and the principles and values behind the Matthew Shepard hate crimes legislation to self-promote your career is a cost that comes to all the individuals.

Gay men and women who will come forward and one day say they were a victim of a hate crime now will be doubted. People of faith — Muslim or any other religious faith who will be a victim of hate crimes; people of also of all walks of life, of backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, now this casts a shadow of whether they’re telling the truth, and he did this all in the name of self-promotion. And he used the laws of the hate crime legislation that all of us collectively over years have put on the books to stand up to be the values that embody what we believe in.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has existed for over a century and long represented noble causes but has increasingly become little more than another arm of the Democratic party that is more concerned with politics than actual civil rights.

Smollett’s name is probably already engraved on the trophy.

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