UNHINGED: Top Dem Wants To Fine Trump Officials $20,000 PER DAY For Disobeying His Orders

UNHINGED: Top Dem Wants To Fine Trump Officials $20,000 PER DAY For Disobeying His Orders

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has suggested fining people associated with President Trump $20,000 per day for not honoring his subpoenas.

The corruption just never seems to end. On Monday, the radical Democrat joined WCBS to talk about his plan.

Nadler says it’s “a fundamental bid to take power away from Congress and give it to the president – to make the president much more of a monarch.”

“We cannot allow that,” Nadler continued in the interview. “Any president, any administration must be held accountable and Congress must be able to do its job.”

Nadler fails to mention that his congressional subpoenas are a total abuse of power considering the Mueller report showed there was no evidence of Russian collusion.

Knowing this, Nadler wants to abuse his power to try to “trap” Trump officials into committing crimes.

The Democrat went onto talk about fining and even arresting Trump officials who defy him.

“Someone is in contempt of Congress, you send the Sergeant at Arms and you arrest them. Alternatively you fine him $20,000 a day, whatever. We could do this.” Nadler said.

The Trump administration is fighting House Democrats’ investigative inquiries at every turn. Some Democrats want to make them pay.

At a meeting of House leaders earlier this month, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler suggested fining officials personally if they deny or ignore subpoenas, according to a person who attended the meeting. Nadler’s idea, the person said, was to put teeth in his party’s numerous investigative queries, many of which Trump officials are stonewalling or simply ignoring.

Nadler even mentioned jailing administration officials as a consequence for contempt of Congress, though he surmised such a plan might be unrealistic, added the person, who requested anonymity to discuss a closed-door session. The person said the idea surprised many in the room but seemed to have been researched as a serious option by Nadler or his staff.

Nadler seems to be competing with Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for who can be the most radical conspiracy theorist in the Democratic Party.

Two weeks ago, Nadler held a press conference where he announced that impeaching the president was “one possibility” however it is too early to tell.

I think it was probably written with the intent of providing Congress a roadmap … with a lot of the redactions and others AG Barr appears to be trying to frustrate that effort,” Nadler also noted.

The Democrats are making it very clear that they care more about destroying the President of the United States than working for the American people.

These swamp weasels were elected to serve the American people, not to obstruct President Trump.

The report may be ot but the Democrats are just getting started with their plans to obstruct and impeach the president.

We are seeing just how desperate the Left is and how they will stop at nothing to remove President Trump from office.

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