UNHINGED: Kathy Griffin Tells Trump To ‘Shut The F*** Up,’ And ‘Prepare For Prison’

UNHINGED: Kathy Griffin Tells Trump To ‘Shut The F*** Up,’ And ‘Prepare For Prison’

Left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin is back to using foul language on social media, this time telling President Donald Trump to “shut the f*ck up and prepare for prison.”

Griffin’s abhorrent comments came in response to a tweet from Trump on Friday morning, where the president advocated for his border wall and reaching a deal with Democrats to reopen the federal government.This isn’t about the Wall, everybody knows that a Wall will work perfectly (In Israel the Wall works 99.9%). This is only about the Dems not letting Donald Trump & the Republicans have a win. They may have the 10 Senate votes, but we have the issue, Border Security. 2020!” Trump wrote.

“Just shut the f*ck up and prepare for prison,” she wrote.

Using foul language, particularly toward Trump and members of his administration, has become common for the far-left comedian.

In October, Griffin referred to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as “Sarah F**kabee” while speaking at Politicon.

Before that, she incorrectly referred to First Lady Melania Trump as “Melanie” and called her a “piece of sh*t.”

“F*ck you, Melanie. You know d*mn well your husband can end this immediately…you feckless complicit piece of sh*t,” she tweeted in response to the Trump administrations family separation policies at the border.

Griffin — who was investigated by the Secret Service last year after doing a photo shoot with a bloody, decapitated head that looked like President Trump — is arguably looking for any reason to complain about her failing career.

After being shunned by many and investigated by federal authorities for her vile stunt, the unfunny comedian claimed in March that she plans to do it all over again.

Griffin said she would do a similar photo shoot with Vice President Mike Pence’s severed head.

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“I’d do Mike Pence,” she told HBO host Bill Maher. “I’m kidding! Ten months I’ve waited to do that joke!”

She may have said she was joking, but many aren’t convinced after her first sickening stunt.

Griffin told Maher that she found it hilarious that she received so much criticism for her first photo shoot featuring a fake Trump head.

“I’m dipping my toes into touring again even though the Trumps and nobody wants me to work again,” Griffin said at the time.

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Watch below:

Many would agree there’s nothing humorous about photos featuring the severed head of the president and vice president of the United States.

Griffin has continued to stoop to new lows to attack Trump, which is why she was dropped by CNN and Squatty Potty following her despicable stunt with the mock Trump head and photo shoot.

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