TURNCOAT? Romney Shows Support For Extreme New York Abortion Law By Citing Pro-Life Heartbeat Laws

TURNCOAT? Romney Shows Support For Extreme New York Abortion Law By Citing Pro-Life Heartbeat Laws

Democrats everywhere are up-in-arms over the new restrictive abortion laws springing up as of late, and they should be. And why, you ask? Because their plan failed. Miserably. Pathetically.

After New York passed the most extreme pro-death abortion law in history, the tables have now been turned. Conservative states saw what happened in New York and said “Ah, hell no!”

Reuters) – Missouri’s Republican governor could sign a law as early as this week banning most abortions in the Midwestern state after the eighth week of pregnancy, part of a wave of restrictions aimed at driving a challenge of abortion to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Republican Governor Mike Parson told reporters on Friday he planned to sign the bill, which was approved by the Republican-controlled state legislature last week and would enact one of the United States’ most restrictive bans. He has not yet set a date for the signing, a spokeswoman in his office said, but he has until July 14 to do so, according to local media reports.

The state is one of eight where Republican-controlled legislatures this year have passed new restrictions on abortion.

As one would expect, the fallacies have been flying. Just check out the statement emailed from the Missouri Section of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

Ob-gyns and other women’s health care providers should not be threatened with criminal penalties for delivering evidence based, necessary health care.”

…and from the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL:

“Our doors remain open for any patient who needs abortion care.

Now, this is to be expected, right?  I mean, abortion-happy feminists will oppose any pro-life victory, right? But what about alleged-Conservative Mitt Romney?

As reported by Red State:

If you know anything about Mitt Romney’s history on the issue of abortion, this isn’t exactly surprising. As late as 2002, Romney was pledging to protect Roe v. Wade and proclaiming a “woman’s right to choose.” It wasn’t until his 2007 run for President that he suddenly transformed into a pro-life warrior. That was all part of his hilarious “severely conservative” shtick he was doing at the time. Those were certainly simpler times.

This morning, Romney was on CNN (because some Republicans never learn) and he was asked about Alabama’s new abortion law.

Mitt is not a fan.

So what exactly does that mean, “not a fan?”

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It means that he is against it. In his own words to CNN: “I don’t support the Alabama law.”

Romney on Sunday told CNN that there were “extreme” laws on both sides of the abortion debate and pointed to New York and Virginia, which have debated expanding abortion rights. The New York law passed in January said abortions could be performed after 24 weeks if the fetus is not viable or when necessary to protect the life of the mother. A Virginia bill that included loosening restrictions around abortion in the third trimester was tabled earlier this year as Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam faced backlash for comments regarding the measure.
Taking issue with measures on both sides of the debate, Romney said, “People have gone to the wings, if you will. I think something much more towards the center makes a lot more sense,” he said.
As is expected, the Conservatives are pouncing on him.

Red State continued:

He’s actually equating an abortion ban, i.e. the stopping of killing babies, to a law that allows for infanticide. What kind of moral judgement is that?

Also, Missouri’s law is a heartbeat bill, the same as several other states, and it has exceptions for rape and incest. So what is Romney even talking about by mentioning it in the same context as the Alabama law? Is he against heartbeat bills too? I wouldn’t think so, but I can’t decipher exactly what his position is at this point.

In other words, it’s another day in the life of Mitt Romney.

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