Trump’s policies have helped Michigan businesses, families

Trump’s policies have helped Michigan businesses, families

During the Democratic presidential candidates’ July 31 debate in Detroit, Joe Biden came out in favor of eliminating the use of all coal and fossil fuels.

Others on the debate stage, including Kamala Harris and Jay Inslee, quickly endorsed the same policy, all in the name of a radical climate agenda that would cost trillions of taxpayer dollars and put Americans out of work.

What the 2020 Democrats didn’t say was how dangerous this fossil fuel policy would be to the people of the Midwest, particularly Michigan. Eliminating fossil fuels would put thousands of workers out of business and destroy the automobile industry, which is a critical part of the region’s economy. By embracing this policy, Democrats continue to prove they have no interest in helping middle America.

Under President Trump, the automobile industry has added 109,500 new jobs and manufacturing wages have surged. Companies like Fiat Chrysler and Ford have ramped up their investments and production in Michigan, adding thousands of new jobs and building new facilities to house operations: the former is building a $1.6 billion assembly plant in Detroit and adding 6,400 new jobs, while the latter is building its own new autonomous vehicle plant and adding 900 new jobs over the next few years.

Michigan’s auto industry has been revitalized by this administration, which is why Democrats’ proposals are so dangerous; they would undo this progress and take us backward. It’s not just their fossil fuel policy — it’s also their failure to embrace the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), which would be a boon to American industries, farmers, and workers.

Last year, Michigan exported $23 billion to Canada and imported $56 billion from our northern neighbor; we exported $12 billion to Mexico and imported $47 billion. Our auto workers would benefit from USMCA provisions that encourage more goods to be manufactured at home. Our farmers would benefit from expanded access to key imports. Our small- and medium-sized business, the vast majority of Michigan’s exporting companies, would be empowered to trade with our neighbors.

Not to mention, the USMCA has the support of groups like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and companies like Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler. Even so, the Democratic presidential candidates entirely ignored the issue during the debate and once again swept the concerns of middle America under the rug, choosing instead to endorse radical, socialist policies that would hike our taxes and bankrupt future generations.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s policies continue to help Michigan families. His tax cuts provided middle-class Michiganders an average tax cut of over $1,400 and led companies of all sizes to increase bonuses and benefits for employees. Michigan added 48,500 new jobs last year, and nearly 300 distressed communities across the state have been named Opportunity Zones for greater investment.

Our communities are better off, thanks to Republican leadership. Ahead of 2020, the difference has never been clearer: Democrats have nothing to offer American workers and industries, but President Trump will keep fighting to make sure they thrive.

Ronna McDaniel of Northville is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. She’s a former chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

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