Trump Supporters For AOC? Trumpsters Doubt AOC’s Highly Suspicious Handwritten Note

Trump Supporters For AOC? Trumpsters Doubt AOC’s Highly Suspicious Handwritten Note

When you’re dealing with people who are desperate to stay in the spotlight, occasionally you have to consider that they may be telling tall tales to get attention.

This may be one of those times with Democratic sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who made a questionable claim on Friday.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said a man left a sign outside her office on Friday that expressed support for both her and President Trump, a concept she said left her feeling “pretty astonished.”

The freshman lawmaker detailed the experience on Twitter, explaining that upon leaving work for the day, she discovered a man and a person she presumed to be his teenage son putting up a handmade sign outside her office.

It read: “Trump supporters for Ocasio-Cortez.”

The pair exchanged introductions and the man told her that “he wanted to show his support,” Ocasio-Cortez said. She was left struggling on how to ask him for an explanation, she said.

“I somehow got it out: ‘With all respect sir, how do you… manage to support both of us at the same time?’” Ocasio-Cortez said she asked. “This is what he said: ‘I’ve been saying for years that climate change is our most important crisis. You’re one of the only ones who‘s been willing to be decisive on it.’”

This is where my bogus-button first gets pushed. First of all, the term “climate change” hasn’t been around for that many years and was only created after the Liberals were left looking stupid after “global warming” was obviously a joke. No, the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro DIDN’T disappear in ten years like they said, and no, the earth will not explode due to climate change in ten years.

But I digress. So as Fox News tells it, AOC then got a really heartwarming bit of encouragement from the “Trump supporter”:

“Then he said, ‘I like you. I can tell that you are genuine and fighting for us. You’re real and you get it.’ I thanked him and his family from the bottom of my heart,” she continued.

Is anyone really buying this?!

I think the only people buying this are the idiots who actually believe that the sky is falling; something that AOC has been a spokesman for:

Since entering the political sphere, Ocasio-Cortez has been a champion for the Green New Deal, an economic stimulus concept designed to tackle income inequality and climate change.

Ocasio-Cortez chose to share her experience Friday as a means to spread a message of perseverance, she said, before accusing politicians and lobbyists of thwarting efforts to fix “our climate crisis.”

If she were really against politicians and lobbyists “thwarting efforts to fix our climate crisis” she would support the Green Real Deal created by freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Instead, AOC’s mission is to persuade all those great working people (AKA Trumpsters) that it’s okay to like him but still vote for her:

Yes, it’s highly unlikely that a real Trump supporter would support anything AOC says or does.

We’re the people who wear the red hat with pride, even though it puts us in danger.

We’re the people who fill up amphitheaters to see the POTUS in person, even though Antifa may be waiting for us outside.

And who is it that supports Antifa and the red-hat-haters?

That’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So no, I don’t buy her story and it won’t change my mind. Does it change yours?

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