Trump, RNC Just Secured A Huge Advantage Over Dems Heading Into 2020

Trump, RNC Just Secured A Huge Advantage Over Dems Heading Into 2020

As if the RNC needed any more security for the upcoming election, more good news has just come in that should make the Democrats shaking in their 2020 boots.

From the Daily Caller:

Republicans continue to experience a fundraising bounty from supporters, raising $20.8 million in July, almost three times as much as their Democratic opponents.

That was the largest amount ever received during the month of July in a non-election year which is twice the amount of money that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has on hand, according to Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

That pushes RNC fundraising to $117.9 million for the 2019-2020 period.

RNC Rapid Response Director Steve Guest indicated that fundraising in July was up 1100% from July 2016 and 1900% more than July 2015.

Sadly for the Democrats, it’s not just that the Republicans are doing so well, but that the Democrats are also doing so poorly.

According to The Blaze:

FEC numbers show the DNC with lower intake and spending numbers and substantially lower cash on hand amounts than the RNC for the current year through last month.

The DNC also had raised less in March of this year than it had at the same point in 2015. By contrast RNC took in more than twice as much money as the DNC in June and just announced a record-breaking $21 million haul for the month of July.

The problem is so bad, according to the Daily Caller, that the DNC has been forced to rely on the fundraising efforts of Hillary Clinton, and fundraising in MEXICO!

Here’s more from the Daily Caller:

“The DNC’s financial situation is in such a mess, they’re now relying on Hillary Clinton and Mexico to hold their fundraisers,” Guest noted in an email received by the Daily Caller.

Former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Clinton is planning an Oct. 16 fundraiser for the DNC, where supporters can pay up to $50,000 a plate. DNC Chairman Tom Perez plans to travel to Mexico City on Sept. 28 to fundraise among American expatriates living there.

“Our fundraising success is further evidence that the American people like the pro-growth agenda and economic record that the Trump administration and Republicans continue to deliver, and this puts us in a strong position to secure more Republican victories in 2020,” McDaniel said in a statement.

While the RNC has $46.6 million in assets without any debt, the party notes that the DNC is $6 million in the red.

Fundraising to the 1.5 million ex-patriots in Mexico may or may not be helpful (every bit helps the Democrats at this point). Sad, yes, but possibly helpful.

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But while the Clintons continue to fall from grace in a post #metoo world, and with their foundation reportedly nosediving in donations and contributions, will Clinton fundraising efforts be that helpful?

Perhaps the DNC thinks this effort will work because the fundraiser is going to take place at the Clinton’s private residence in DC?

As reported by Fox News:

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will host a pricey fundraiser at her Washington, D.C., mansion as her party struggles to match the size of Republicans’growing war chest before 2020.

The event, set for October 16, seems to mark the first major form of activism in support of the Democratic Party’s electoral efforts. Politico reported on Tuesday that the event — titled “Dinner and conversation at the home of Hillary Rodham Clinton” — will offer tickets as high as $50,000.

It’s hard to imagine that charging $50,000 per plate will work since charging $50 a ticket to see the Clinton play (starring John Lithgow and Laurie Metcalf, no less!) was a huge a bomb.

The play, which cost $4.2 million to produce, began performances in March and drew mixed-to-positive reviews, but has struggled to fill seats, reaching only 36 percent of its gross potential in the last two weeks.”

Underwhelming sales. Struggling to fill seats. Actually, this could have been very successful performance art as an example of what happened to Mrs. Clinton in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Florida in 2016.

Do you think the fundraising efforts with Hillary and American ex-patriots will be successful?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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