Trump Issues BOLD Warning To Traitor Republicans After He Put His Border Plan In Motion

Trump Issues BOLD Warning To Traitor Republicans After He Put His Border Plan In Motion

President Donald Trump has issued a bold warning to establishment Republicans who may betray him after he put his border plan in motion.

During a joint press conference on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May, a reporter asked Trump about his threat to hit Mexico with a 5 percent tariff unless they stop the flow of migrants to America’s border.

“Has Mexico done enough to avoid tariffs which will be imposed in some six days from now?” one of the reporters said.

Arguing that his plan is necessary to force Mexico to do more, Trump warned Republican lawmakers not to betray him and try to stop his tariffs.

“What do you think of Republicans who say they may take action to block you imposing those tariffs,” the reporter asked.

“I don’t think they will do that, if they do it’s foolish. There’s nothing more important than borders. I’ve had tremendous Republican support,” Trump began.

“I have a 90% — 94% approval rating as of this morning in the Republican Party. That’s an all time record. Can you believe that?” he mockingly asked.

“Isn’t that something. I love records. But we have a 94% approval rating in the Republican Party. I want to see security at our border,” he continued.

Trump then reminded everyone that soon after his threat, Mexico sent representatives to Washington, D.C., to negotiate a deal.

“I’m going to see great trade. I’m going to see a lot of things happening and that is happening. As you know Mexico called, this he want to meet, they’re going to meet on Wednesday,” Trump said.

“Secretary Pompeo will be at the meeting along with a few others that are they good at this and we are going to see if we can do something, but I think it’s more likely that the tariffs go on and we will probably be talking during the time that the tariffs are on and they are going to be paid,” he added.


Trump continued, “If they don’t step up and give us security for our nation, look, millions of people are flowing through Mexico. That’s unacceptable.”

With several migrant caravans crashing into the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, Trump has been forced to take serious actions.

Last month, the president ordered the Department of Defense to send thousands of additional American troops to the southern border over the next two months to help assist border patrol with the migrant crisis.

Defense Department officials reportedly said the White House wants 9,000 to 10,000 more U.S. forces heading to the border over the next few months.

It was also reported that Trump is considering releasing detained migrants into Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities.

Trump is trying to secure the border, and he is not going to be happy if establishment Republicans try to stop him.

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