Trump HUMILIATES Leftist Reporter; ‘It’s A Disgrace You Asked That Question’

Trump HUMILIATES Leftist Reporter; ‘It’s A Disgrace You Asked That Question’

President Donald Trump humiliated a liberal reporter this week over a highly insulting question about Russia, saying, “it’s a disgrace you asked that question.”While speaking to reporters on Monday outside of the White House, Trump was asked about a New York Times report claiming that the FBI opened an inquiry into him last year to determine whether he was working for Russia to undermine the U.S.

“I never worked for Russia,” Trump said, adding, “And you know that answer better than anybody. I never worked for Russia.”

“Not only did I never work for Russia, I think it’s a disgrace that you even asked that question because it’s a whole big, fat hoax,” he added.

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Trump has denied the Times report countless times in the past week, calling it “totally false” and a “disgrace” that the media would even believe the president of the United States is a Russian agent.

The Times report largely fails to explain that the FBI’s inquiry was opened last year by former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying at least four times to investigators about authorizing leaks to the media.

In October 2016, he allowed sensitive information downplaying the severity of the Clinton email scandal to be leaked to The Wall Street Journal.

The DOJ sent a criminal referral for McCabe to prosecutors, who are determining whether he should be charged.

That’s the man who opened the inquiry into Trump, and the FBI obviously found no evidence to support salacious claims that Trump was secretly working for Russia.

Later on Monday, Trump delivered a brutal two-word response when another reporter asked about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., calling him “racist” earlier this month.

Trump shrugged off the comments and said “who cares,” referring to Ocasio-Cortez.

“Mr. President, congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez called you a racist,” a reporter began.

“Who did?” Trump asked.

“Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez,” the reporter replied.

“Who cares?” Trump said, shrugging his shoulder and dismissing the question.

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During a Jan. 6 interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” with host Anderson Cooper, Ocasio-Cortez was asked if she believes Trump is “racist.”

“Do you believe President Trump is a racist?” Cooper asked.

“Yeah, yeah, no question,” Ocasio-Cortez responded, adding that she believes Trump is a “symptom of a problem” and has given a voice to racism.

When Cooper pressed Ocasio-Cortez to provide specific examples of Trump’s “racism,” she rambled and attempted to provide vague, debunked stories.

In response, the White House released a statement that absolutely shredded Ocasio-Cortez and her baseless assertion:

“Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s sheer ignorance on the matter can’t cover the fact that President Trump supported and passed historic criminal justice reform and has repeatedly condemned racism and bigotry in all forms.”

This is what Trump is forced to deal with on a daily basis, and his ability to utterly destroy liberal reporters is one of the main reasons so many Americans support him.

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