Trump appoints Robert O’Brien to replace John Bolton

Trump appoints Robert O’Brien to replace John Bolton

Trump appoints Robert O’Brien to replace John Bolton, After John Bolton’s removal and minutes after announcing fresh sanctions against Iran, the President recompose his foreign policy team.

The announcement by the President came minutes after he announced in another tweet. That he had ordered the Treasury Secretary to “significantly raise sanctions against Iran.” The Government has still offered more details on the specific extent of the tightening of the sanctions. Following the weekend attacks on Saudi oil installations for which Iran is held accountable by the US Government. Besides Iran, the uncertainty in Afghanistan after the breakdown of peace talks with the Taliban is also one of the problems that await O’Brien.

Trump appoints Robert O’Brien as the fourth National Security advisor in the last three years. A record for a president’s first term. Bolton, his predecessor, a George Bush-era veteran hawk, very critical of efforts to engage in dialog with Iran and North Korea. He fired on September 10 because Trump disagreed with much of his proposal, as he said.

O’Brien was founded in Los Angeles as a partner of a law firm and worked to free US nationals in North Korea or Turkey. He was sent to Sweden last July to oversee the American rapper’s aggression trial known as A S A P Rocky. The American rapper found guilty of a street assault by a Stockholm judge. After spending a month in prison, he eluded the prison preventively. He also played the main part in US citizen Danny Burch’s release last February after 18 months of captivity in Yemen, according to the Associated Press.

A respected figure in Republican circles, O’Brien is seen as a relatively unspoken option, since he has good relations at both the State Department and the Pentagon. According to sources quoted by The Washington Post. His affable personality is in contrast to the hardness of Bolton. In 2005, President George W. Bush appointed him (and the Senate approved it) representative before the UN General Assembly. Where he worked with Bolton. It is a mystery to what extent his policies will be separated from those of his predecessor, whose hard views O’Brien has praised in the past.

O’Brien has also been an adviser to leading Republicans such as Mitt Romney (2011), Scott Walker (2015) and Ted Cruz (2016) in the presidential campaigns.

Robert C. O’Brien holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Berkeley University and is the author of “While America Slept”. A collection of essays on national security, very critical of the foreign policy of Barack Obama. In one of them, he compares the former Democratic president’s nuclear deal with Iran. The Munich agreements of 1938. Which allowed the Third Reich to annex the Czech region of the Sudeten. The book, published in the full election campaign of 2016. Includes a complimentary quote from Bolton himself on its back cover, who said that O’Brien’s texts should be “forced to read” for the aspiring president.

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