Top Democrat: “I Would Love To Be Able To Regulate The Content Of Speech” [VIDEO]

Top Democrat: “I Would Love To Be Able To Regulate The Content Of Speech” [VIDEO]

In more proof that inside every liberal is a fascist screaming to get out a top Democrat has openly admitted that he would love to be able to stifle the free speech of political foes if not for that pesky First Amendment.Congressman Ted Lieu was among those rushing to the defense of Google and the tech giant’s CEO after Sundar Pichai testified before Congress on the censorship of conservative viewpoints in what has become a major controversy as social media purges are ongoing.

Lieu is always a highly sought after guest for his propensity of shooting from the hip and when he appeared on CNN, he didn’t disappoint.

The representative openly admitted that the agenda of the Democrats and their allies is to snuff out voices that don’t align with their values, which are being revealed as increasingly contradictory to American tradition and are more commonly found in despotic countries where political repression is commonplace.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D., Calif.) said he would “love to be able to regulate the content of speech” during an interview Wednesday, noting he was prevented from doing that by the First Amendment.

Lieu got attention a day earlier when Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, assailing conservative claims of the tech giant’s bias against them by reading positive and negative stories about Republican Reps. Steve Scalise (La.) and Steve King (Iowa), the latter of whom has repeatedly courted controversy with racially charged remarks.

After CNN host Brianna Keilar praised Lieu for the “clever” stunt, she wondered if Democrats should have used more of their time to question the Google leader about how it and other tech companies can work to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories and other online trolling.

“It’s a very good point you make,” Lieu said. “I would love if I could have more than five minutes to question witnesses. Unfortunately, I don’t get that opportunity. However, I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The First Amendment prevents me from doing so, and that’s simply a function of the First Amendment, but I think over the long run, it’s better the government does not regulate the content of speech.”

He added he would urge private companies to regulate their platforms more themselves but repeated the government shouldn’t play that role.

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So there you have it.

A top Democrat just let the cat out of the bag that their way to do an end-around on the Constitution is to just hand the censorship off to their far-left ideological allies in Silicon Valley, who will be sure to continue the purges as a way to put their thumb on the scale in 2020.

One day we may all look back on this time of madness and hate as a time when the political left allowed the mask to slip and their lust for totalitarianism to be displayed to all because this is who they are

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