This Is CNN; Panel Smears Trump Response To Synagogue Shooting As Insincere

This Is CNN; Panel Smears Trump Response To Synagogue Shooting As Insincere

In yet another sickening exploitation of a tragedy to score cheap political points, a CNN panel leeched onto the shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue as an excuse to smear President Trump.

The latest in a terrible series of shootings by disturbed individuals acting out in places of worship shocked the nation on the last day of Passover and Trump was quick to offer his deepest sympathies to the victims as he does after such heinous incidents.

But as the news industry maxim goes “if it bleeds, it leads” and CNN didn’t miss the opportunity to disrespect the families of the victims by speculating that the president’s remarks weren’t sincere and once again, all but accused Trump of pulling the trigger.

The all-star lineup of Trump haters included Don Lemon, Ana Navarro, sewer-mouthed political hack Rick Wilson, and Angela Rye who recently contributed to the climate of violence by comparing red MAGA hats to KKK hoods and as could be expected, they were in typical form.

A CNN panel questioned whether President Donald Trump’s condolences in the wake of a shooting on a California synagogue on Saturday were sincere.

“I just wonder how much easier it would be for the president to set a tone if he just would maintain that tone,” former Congressional Black Caucus executive director Angela Rye said. “We talked already about, Lisa, the way that he campaigned. And I think at a time like this, we of course want to be united, of course we desire to be hopeful and to be supportive of allies and friends that I’m sure many of us all have. But it is very, very tricky to follow the tone of someone who, you know, regularly traffics in racism and fear-mongering and anti-immigrant sentiment, and all types of ways to further divide this country. So I hope that this moment is one that he uses to reset, period, not just when tragedy strikes.”

Host Don Lemon jumped in saying he wanted “to give the president his due,” but questioned whether that was possible.

“We want to give — on one hand you want to give the president his due, but when you consider the language that we have been discussing over the last couple of days, especially with Joe Biden getting into the race, what the president has said, making excuses, revisionist history about what happened in Charlottesville and on and on, one has to wonder as a thinking, rational person, if he means those words and if they ring hollow to Americans who have been looking for him to say those things and stay the course as Angela has said, instead of trafficking in bigotry, in racism, in anti-Semitism, in hate, and making excuses for us,” Lemon said.

Ana Navarro said people should not believe him.

“We all saw neo-Nazis with tiki-torches chanting ‘Jews will not replace us,’ that was precisely about anti-Semitism. We all saw and we all know that he didn’t say a word about the black churches. We all know that he didn’t say a word condemning Steve King, the congressman from Iowa. So it’s time after time after time after time. No, we don’t reconcile this,” Navarro said.

The reference to the “neo-Nazis with tiki-torches” is a slick tie-in to the repulsive campaign commercial from Sleepy Joe Biden which relied on the big lie that Trump praised the worst elements of the Charlottesville incident as “good people” which he never did

The panel had nothing to say about the New York Times’ publication of a horrifically anti-Semitic cartoon of Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that would have been right at home in the pages of Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer but let’s face it, CNN’s business model no longer depends on telling the truth to the public like any respectable news organization would.

Shameful but par for the course for a propaganda machine like the self-proclaimed most trusted name in news; God only knows that they’ll do for an encore.

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