THEY WON’T GIVE UP: After Trump Vindicated In Mueller Probe; Schiff Vows To KEEP Investigating Trump

THEY WON’T GIVE UP: After Trump Vindicated In Mueller Probe; Schiff Vows To KEEP Investigating Trump

Adam Schiff has made it clear for the past two years that President Trump colluded with Russia and Mueller’s finding would be damning to President Trump.

On Friday however, Mueller released his long awaited report to Bill Barr which did NOT include any more indictments which pretty much suggests that the Trump Campaign did NOT collude with Russia in any way.

According to Schiff, Mueller’s findings are just a minor setback and he has vowed to keep looking into Trump’s relationships with the Russians.

“We have to find the truth,” the radical Democrat from California told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. He even stated that he might call on Mueller to testify to congress.

Seriously? For two years Schiff has made it clear that he supports Mueller’s findings but now that it’s not what he wants to hear, he seems to be turning on Mueller.

“There are any number of examples that I could give you of information that we have obtained in our investigation, information that’s become clear from the special counsel investigation, that may not be summed up in a decision or disclosure that we decided to indict A but not B,” Schiff continued.

“To give you an illustration, we know that Paul Manafort was providing polling data to someone linked to Russia that may not have shown up in an indictment. But it raises profound questions about why the presidential campaign of Donald Trump was providing polling data, apparently detailed polling data, to someone linked to Russian intelligence.”

“That’s just one of the great many unanswered questions,” he added. “If they’re not answered, then we are going to have to answer them.”

Amazing how Mueller has been looking into ties between Trump and Russia for two years but Schiff actually thinks that there may be things that Mueller missed.

On MSNBC, Schiff pushed a conspiracy theory that he thought there may be more indictments saying: “It’s entirely possible, if not likely, that there will be other indictments.”

This statement comes directly after the Department of Justice stated that there would be no more indictments. What is wrong with this guy? Schiff responded to this and said: “Well, what it means is that the office of the special counsel is going to contract a attorney to the justice Department that that office won’t be bringing any further indictments. It doesn’t mean, of course, that main justice or the Seventh District of New York and the Eastern District or others may not bring indictments.”

“In fact, given the lengthy redactions in many of the pleadings of the special counsel eluding to other investigations,” he continued. “I think it’s entirely possible if not likely that there will be other indictments. Now, how central or peripheral they’ll be to the core issues of potential conspiracy is yet to be determined.”

This is a clear abuse of power by the radical Democrat from California. Mueller has spent the last two years probing Trump’s life and instead of accepting the results of the investigation, Schiff is basically admitting that he will go on a fishing expedition to bust the President.

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