The Left Claims That Covington Students Have Dressed In ‘Blackface’; That’s A Lie, And HERE’S PROOF

The Left Claims That Covington Students Have Dressed In ‘Blackface’; That’s A Lie, And HERE’S PROOF

The NY Daily News posted an article painting boys from Covington Catholic high school in a racist manner, suggesting they were in “blackface” at a basketball game, which is known to be an offensive taunt towards African-Americans.The article was titled “SEE IT: Covington Catholic High students in blackface at past basketball game” and the author was listed as “DAILY NEWS SPORTS STAFF,” a sign they were afraid to put their name on it due to blow back they would receive.

The NY Daily News posted a photograph from a basketball game in which the theme was “blackout,” where all fans on the Covington Catholic side dress up in all black clothes, so that they all match.

Some students painted their whole body as well — to match the theme of the party, not because they were racist. NY Daily News shared a picture of the game and it just so happens to have an African-American boy from the other team in the photo, with the Covington boys behind him jeering him during the game.

Many are now calling the boys racist after seeing the photograph, but the truth is coming out.

This won’t help Kentucky student Nick Sandmann’s case.

A photo said to be featuring Covington Catholic High School students clad in blackface during a 2015 basketball game made the rounds on Twitter Monday morning amid last week’s Indigenous Peoples March controversy.

The photo depicts several white students, some in blackface, shouting at an opposing black player.

While the photo’s origins couldn’t be verified, the official Covington Catholic High School YouTube account published a video last January boasting its basketball school spirit, and several clips, including one from 2012, showcase attendees chanting in black face, a mockery of the opposing players. The school took down the video later on Monday.

The truth is that this was a basketball game with the “blackout” theme and the school constantly has themes during their basketball games.

Not only that, but just about every high school, college, and professional basketball game out there has fans from one team heckling players from the other team. Just take a look on television or go to a sporting event and you will hear people trying to get on the nerves of the opposite team so that it affects their performance.

If you watched any professional sports in the last century, you can find someone in the stands either painted, yelling, or doing something else that is either funny or distracting to the other visiting team’s players.

However, to the leftists out there trying to push a racism narrative while attacking children, the facts don’t matter.

Here’s a video to show more evidence of the Covington boys engaging in various themes for their basketball games.

The left constantly forgets to mention the truth. It’s like they have some sort of deep disgusting narrative to push instead of just being honest with people.

The NY Daily News knows they’re wrong to publish that story because they wouldn’t even put their name on it.

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