Terror In Sweden: Right-Wing Politician BOMBED By Antifa

Terror In Sweden: Right-Wing Politician BOMBED By Antifa

Antifa, a far Left Socialist/Communist group, has been a big problem for the past two years and things seem to be getting worse.
On Monday, there was a huge explosion in Sweden directed toward a former parliamentary candidate and right wing politician.

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Check out what the Gateway Pundit reported:

The politician was at home with his three kids when the attack took place.

The upper part of his door was blown up, sending glass fragments all over the inside of his house. Thankfully he was with his children on the upper floor, but if anyone had been on ground level there would have been risk of serious harm.

Swedish police have concluded that it was a very powerful banger that was used in the attack, containing up to 100 grams of gunpowder. The police suspect that this is a hate crime, and are investigating if there is a political motive for the attack.

This is not the first time that this right-wing politician has been the victim of an attack. On the 22nd of March his car was vandalized and the words “Nazi” was sprayed on it. According to the man, he is almost certain that it was Antifa in the city of Lund that was behind it, but according to him, the police didn’t even investigate this vandalization of his car.

The politician, who wishes to remain anonymous, is against mass migration and is also anti-EU which explains why the radical Left wants to terrorize him.

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The right-wing politician gave an interview on the situation. Check out the conversation below provided by the Gateway Pundit:

You were recently the victim of an explosion on your house in Sweden. Can you explain what happened, is there major damage to your property?

AfS politician: The upper part of the door with paned windows was blown up. That caused shattered glass to fly in the whole house. If any of us had been in the ground floor, we would have been injured. Me and my three children were at home.

Do we know if this attack is politically motivated, if yes, do you have any suspicion on who is behind this?

AfS politician: They sprayed the words “Nazi” and other graffiti on the sides of my car on the 22nd of March, and all the tires had punctures in them. Yes, fairly sure that it was AFA Lund (Antifa). They have also sent other things to one of my colleagues.

Have you or any others from Alternative for Sweden had any form of threats against you from far-left extremists before?

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AfS politician: Several from Alternative for Sweden, and people who have attended our open air meetings have been doxed

We know that in the US, Antifa have been labelled as terrorists. Is this a terrorist attack?

AfS politician: Definitely a terrorist attack, and the mainstream media, especially Sydsvenskan have toned it down.

How do you view this, is this an attack on democracy and freedom of speech? Is this an attempt to scare the right-wing movement in Sweden into silence?

AfS politician: Without a doubt this is a threat against democracy and freedom of speech. I am deeply worried for the future of Sweden.

How is your family and children doing after this attack?

AfS politician: Naturally they are shaken. The children were at home. Incredibly cowardly to attack a family with kids.

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How do you view the political development in Sweden, especially considering what just happened?

AfS politician: The left is feeling cornered, and they are bringing forth their vanguard and the “good and just violence”. There is a mass awakening among people, and they are realizing that Sweden is collapsing on all fronts. The state is responding with oppression and censorship. Tragic.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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