SURPRISE! Fox News Hires New Controversial Contributor, And No One Is Going To Like It

SURPRISE! Fox News Hires New Controversial Contributor, And No One Is Going To Like It

It’s easy to anger the political left, and it’s easy to anger the political right, but there are few precious moments in history where BOTH sides are equally disgusted. [Enter Fox News Stage Left; Enter Donna Brazile Stage Right]. Mic drop.

Yes folks, the conservative network Fox News has announced their new hire: Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile. So why does her hire anger the Democrats?  And why does it anger the Republicans?

Why it Angers the Democrats

The reason Brazile’s hire angers the Democrats is easy to see. Fox News has been slandered by all of the democratic sweethearts like Barack, Hillary, and more. Joining the network and earning a paycheck is tantamount to treason.

And then there was the book…the bombshell…the book that was so damaging for the left that it inspired an article entitled Democrats Angered and Shaken by Brazile Book. 

Donna Brazile’s forthcoming memoir triggered renewed recriminations at the highest ranks of the Democratic Party this weekend over the topic that just won’t die: 2016.

The latest bombshell from the book came Saturday in a report that the former interim Democratic National Committee chair seriously considered replacing Hillary Clinton on the ticket with Vice President Joe Biden after Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 memorial service. Brazile also describes the Clinton campaign as badly mismanaged and spiritless, according to a copy of the memoir that The Washington Post acquired early.

That came on the heels of an excerpt published by POLITICO Magazineabout how Brazile said she discovered the Clinton campaign had essentially rigged the DNC — if not the primary itself — in Clinton’s favor long before she became the nominee, apparently confirming the worst suspicions of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

So, no, the hiring of Donna Brazile will  not make the Democrats too happy. But what about the Republicans?

Why it Angers the Republicans

The Republicans would mostly be upset because of #LeakGate2016, when she gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of time. Just look at her trying to avoid the question from the transcript from 2017 show from Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox:

Carlson: They’ve come after you and said, look, it’s a little much for you to criticize the DNC for colluding with the Hillary campaign when you conceded that you leaked questions to the Hillary campaign during a CNN town hall–before a CNN town hall. My question when I’m reading this is, did no one at CNN know that happened? Did they really learn for the first time when they read your book? How could they not have known that?

Brazile: Well Tucker, I surely hope everyone will now go out and buy the book. It‘s called ‘Hacks,’ the inside story…’

Carlson: Hold on, slow down, there was a question there, did nobody at CNN know that you did that? You apparently got them from…

Brazile: Oh, no Tucker, you cannot put words in my mouth. I got on some lipstick from Fox, but that has not forced me to not stand my ground,” Brazile fired back.

Carlson: No but it’s not your ground, I’m asking about CNN, where you then worked… they are mad at you, obviously. Did they know that you leaked these questions, really simple question?

Brazile: You know, Tucker, I said last year…

Carlson: Sounds like you did.

So after Tucker called her out, the Republicans hated her. After she called herself out for writing the memoir, the Democrats hated her. Then she was fired from CNN, so what was she to do? Fox had always been a nemesis for the political left, but they had an open spot, right? As the old adage goes, if you can’t beat em, join em! Like a true politician, her rhetoric about her hire is as sweet as honey.

As reported by Fox News:

To leave the world a better place, you need to help make the world a better place. Just as it takes many ingredients to make a good gumbo, it will require listening to many voices before we are able to move forward as one people. And that’s exactly why I am so excited to join the honest and passionate debate at Fox News about our future. I invite you to join me.

A Democrat? Saying that Fox News has an “honest and passionate debate?” That’s rich. Only time will tell if it ends up being too rich to swallow.

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