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Students form image of coffee pot for two Guinness records

Dec. 7 (UPI) — Students at a school in the United Arab Emirates set two Guinness World Records by creating a human image of a coffee pot pouring into a cup.

The 5,445 students at the Indian International School Sharjah formed the shape of a traditional Dallah coffee pot and transformed into the image of coffee being poured into a cup.

The attempt set two Guinness records, largest human image of a coffee pot and largest transforming human image.

«This cultural mainstay even appears on the most widely used denomination of the UAE currency, the Dh1 coin. Understanding that the Dallah is deeply rooted in Arab culture and that it represents a symbol of unity, harmony and generosity, the students of IISS, engaged in the first attempt of its kind to showcase the largest human image of the Dallah by setting a new record,» the school said in an announcement.


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