Student Recreates Battlefield Cross For School Project, INSTANTLY Gets Punished (Details)

Student Recreates Battlefield Cross For School Project, INSTANTLY Gets Punished (Details)

Don’t be a pro-America, pro-military student in the age of Trump. Just don’t do it.

Nothing good can come of it, especially if you attempt to show it off in some way.

Take eighth-grader Tyler Carlin, for example.

He was punished simply for completing a school project that featured a battlefield cross.

From Daily Wire:

Eighth grader Tyler Carlin needed an idea for a history project. He chose to create a replica of the battlefield cross, which is used on the battlefield or at camp to mark the death of a fallen soldier.

Carlin told Fox News that his teacher knew he would be making the replica and said it would be alright. But when Carlin showed up to his Ohio school with his project — made from a helmet, boots and a Nerf dart gun — it was promptly taken away. He also said he was given a 3-day in-school suspension.


“I just sat in a room all day. An administrator thought it was stupid that I got this, so she brought me a doughnut and played cards with me,” he said on “Fox & Friends.” His attorney, Travis Faber, is demanding the school expunge the “ridiculous” suspension from the middle school student’s record and had asked the school to delay Carlin’s suspension — to no avail.

“We are greatly concerned about the message the actions of the Celina School District will send to our community’s youth,” Faber told WTOL. “He [Tyler] should be thanked for his hard work and dedication to our veterans and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

Are we still living in Obama’s America? What is this nonsense about?

Joshua Geltzer served a few different roles in the Obama administration.

He recently penned an op-ed for CNN that basically calls for a civil war if President Trump loses the 2020 election and refuses to leave office.

From Federalist Papers:

[…] a former aide to former President Obama has admitted that the end game for him is a Civil War.

Part of the op-ed, via CNN:

Our civilian and uniformed Defense Department leaders have a role to play. The health of our democracy rests, in part, on not involving the military in transfers of power. And that should continue.

But imagine the most extreme scenario, with Congress certifying Trump’s defeat but Trump refusing to leave office. In those circumstances, the military would no longer owe its loyalty to Donald Trump as of noon on January 20, 2021.

And it’s worth asking the Secretar

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