SNL Finally Gets It Right, HILARIOUSLY Mocks Smollett Hoax In Funniest Skit Of The Year (Watch)

SNL Finally Gets It Right, HILARIOUSLY Mocks Smollett Hoax In Funniest Skit Of The Year (Watch)

Conservatives know well by now that “Saturday Night Live” basically works as a branch of the Democrat Party.

When they’re not busy bashing President Trump, they are doing every possible to make it seem as if liberals are always in the right.

In an odd twist, SNL mocked the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax – and it was actually pretty hilarious.


Not bad, right?

If only Lorne Michaels would get his head out of the gutter and play it down the middle when it comes to politics, SNL’s ratings might jump.

But don’t count on it. The show, and the network, NBC, knows that is won’t be easy to book big-name hosts if they incorporate more conservative-friendly skits.

That’s pretty much the bottom line.

SNL also did a skit on the college admissions scandal, but it was cut for time.

Smollett, could do as much as six decades in the big house.

Six. Decades.

Smollett is looking at 64 years in total.

Here’s why…

From ABC7 Chicago:

A Cook County grand jury has returned a 16-count indictment against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, according to court records.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office confirmed the indictment, which they said was returned by a grand jury on Thursday.

CBS News reports that each count could come with four years…

The grand jury returned the indictment on Thursday, CBS Chicago reported. Each one of the charges carries a maximum count of four years in prison, meaning he could face 64 years in total.

The 36-year-old actor, who is black and openly gay, plays Jamal Lyon on Fox’s hit TV show, “Empire,” a drama that chronicles a family-run record label. He told police he was attacked by two masked men when he was returning home from a Subway sandwich store Jan. 29 around 2 a.m.

Will Smollett atually serve hard time?

And for how long, exactly?

Via Variety:

The new counts likely will not have much effect on Smollett’s ultimate sentence, should he be convicted, said Andrew Weisberg, a former Cook County prosecutor now in private practice. The charges would run concurrently, so the sentencing range would still be one to three years in prison. However, most defendants in Smollett’s situation are sentenced to probation.

ussie Smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts related to his hoax attack…

I’m starting to think he’s not gonna get that raise he wanted.

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