Sinking Biden Loses Major Donor After Debate Dumpster Fire

Sinking Biden Loses Major Donor After Debate Dumpster Fire

Not only has former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign entered into a screaming death spiral but there signs that the rats are starting to make a break for the lifeboats after a horrific performance in Thursday’s Democrat debate.

It now seems like an eternity ago that Barack Obama’s second banana was kicking ass and taking names with impressive poll numbers as well as the backing of a media that had all but crowned him as the 2020 nominee who would finally be the one able to defeat President Trump.

But things began to quickly deteriorate for lunchbucket Joe whose pandering and lethargic campaign stops exposed the frontrunner’s flanks and left him vulnerable to attacks for the new breed of Dems in a party that openly hates white men like himself.

Biden was already flailing after a series of unforced errors when the two black candidates – Cory Booker and Kamala Harris – pounced on remarks that he made at a New York fundraiser in which he praised two old guard Dixiecrat Dem senators who he had yukked it up with during his early years in Congress.

It was a fatal mistake and on that crowded stage in Miami, the ambitious identity politics queen Harris went directly for Creepy Joe’s throat and all but ripped open his jugular with a carefully coordinated assault from which the geriatric gaffe machine may never recover.

The same media that was only weeks ago promoting good old Joe as the presumptive nominee immediately turned on him like a pack of rabid jackals, his own campaign team began sniping at their boss and now Biden has lost the support of a major California high-roller who had been financially backing him.


Via Politico, “Biden fundraiser ditches him and warns others may too”:

A fundraiser for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign said he is no longer supporting the former vice president’s White House bid — and predicted that others may follow suit.

Tom McInerney, a San Francisco-based attorney who was a lead bundler for former President Barack Obama, told CNBC he informed Biden’s team of his decision on June 20.

The news of his break comes one day after Biden delivered an uneven debate performance that provoked new doubts about his candidacy and turned a spotlight back on his controversial statements and past policy positions on civil rights and abortion.

“I had actually let the campaign know I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney told the cable network, adding, “I don’t think he did well last night.”

And in a potentially troubling sign for Biden, McInerny predicted that others were likely souring on the Democratic front-runner. “I would imagine I’m not alone,” he said.Now that Harris has drawn blood, look for the sharks to move in for the kill – Spartacus Booker continues to play the race card against Biden who is quickly finding out that the Democrats are no party for old white men.Never mind that nearly the entirety of the “woke” demographic that Biden’s opponents are trying to turn against him with their sleazy implied implications of racism were still decades from being born when busing and desegregation were actually relevant, the opposition researchers are using it to hammer him and a miraculously unearthed 1975 NPR interview with the candidate in which he supported a constitutional amendment to end forced busing.

Funny that none of this stuff came up when he was Obama’s vice president but that is how extreme and overtly racist that the Democrats have become in only a few short years – or maybe they always were that way and just kept it hidden.

One thing is for sure though and that Biden may be a dead man walking in terms of being the only candidate who could possibly reach out to all of those white working-class voters in the Rust Belt who went for Trump in 2016 – the Democrats no longer care about those votes and believe that they will be able to foment enough racial animosity to make up the difference to turn out the black vote that failed to show up for Hillary.

Poor old lunchpail Joe, he could’ve been a contender but has been declared to be public enemy number one by his own party.

And the biggest question of all for Biden? Where the hell is his BFF Barack?

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