Sinking Bernie Grasps At Impeachment As Poll Numbers Begin To Crater

Sinking Bernie Grasps At Impeachment As Poll Numbers Begin To Crater

In the latest episode of the incredible shrinking socialist, Bernie Sanders is ready to saddle up to ride with the impeachment mob as he struggles to keep pace with Joe Biden who is rapidly pulling away from the rest of the pack.

According to the most recent polls, the former vice president is running way ahead of Crazy Bernie and putting the revolution in doubt even as younger Americans are drawn to the seductive promises of free stuff and collective punishment of their enemies in increasing numbers.

However, there are still enough mainstream voters and independents who are horrified at the socialism that Bernie represents and the swiftness with which Biden shot to the top of the field seems to be a solid indicator that with the exception of gullible millennials, such ideas are still a going to be a tough sell to the electorate as a whole – at least for now.

Sanders who has yet to fully recover from his championing of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and even the Boston Marathon bomber to be allowed to vote from prison, will now have to intensify his rhetoric and ramp up the craziness to maintain a hold on his portion of the party base while he bides his time waiting for Biden to implode with a killer gaffe.

So count Sanders in with those who have inflicted lasting damage on the system in order to knock President Trump out of the running in 2020 by using every tool at their disposal to conduct extra-constitutional investigations that are right out of the Old Soviet Union, something that an old crank like Comrade Bernie could appreciate.

Sanders endorsed the idea during a chat with CNN’s Jake Tapper, a network that will be at the front of the line to stab him in the back once he has served his purpose as a useful idiot.

To be very honest with you, Jake, I am not sure that this president may not want to be impeached. He may think that it works for him politically. I don’t know that, but it wouldn’t shock me. I think he is a 100% political animal. Doesn’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about health care or education, certainly not about climate change. So I don’t know what goes on in his mind.

But I think if he continues to not understand the constitution of the United States, the separation of powers, the fact that the Congress has every right to subpoena and it is the job of the administration to attend the hearings that the Congress is calling, if he doesn’t understand that, it may well be time for an impeachment inquiry to begin. Where the Judiciary Committee begins to determine whether or not there are grounds for impeachment

Like a seasoned drug dealer who fully understands the necessity to keep customers hooked on the product, the canny old career pol is pushing outrage to the mob even though a younger generation that is more appealing to youthful voters have taken his ideas and run with them.

But it’s going to be a tough rock to roll this time around.

A recent Fox News report underscored Bernie’s problems:

A number of positions Sanders advocated in the last race are shared by many of the candidates in this race. That means he doesn’t stand out in stark contrast anymore – he’s just one more candidate. Add to that the fact that after 30 years in Congress Sanders has passed only 1.8 percent of the legislation he’s introduced – that’s right, 1.8 percent – and the crusading campaign he led last time around looks like an inability to get anything done today.

The latest Fox News Poll lays bare Sanders’ woes. Among Democratic primary voters, Sanders has dropped six points since March, placing him in a distant second place at 17 percent, behind Biden who is at 35 percent, up four points since the previous poll in March. The same poll shows Warren up five points to 9 percent, doubling her support during the same period.

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