SHE’S ON FIRE! Judge Jeanine Calls Out Dems’ Real Motives On Open Borders

SHE’S ON FIRE! Judge Jeanine Calls Out Dems’ Real Motives On Open Borders

udge Jeanine Pirro continues to bounce back from being shamefully censored by her own network.

In her own inimitable style, she delivered yet another epic verdict on the Democrats and their cynical support of the porous southern border and refusal to address the immigration crisis.

Appearing for the second consecutive Saturday after she was silenced by the cowardly suits at Fox, Pirro dropped the gavel on Democrats and delivered a scorching verdict against a party that is determined to flood the country with illegal immigrants who they will leverage at the ballot box.

The judge nailed it during her “Opening Statement” monologue by calling out Nancy Pelosi by name as well as blasting the blatant opposition of the nation’s immigration laws for purely political reasons and even more disgustingly, their policies which she decried as “bloated with political disregard for the American people.”


Do you have a good laugh when you walk away from the camera, and high five your other friends I want to know, Nancy, what are you going to do?

More resistance and revenge?

Why are you protecting illegals over American citizens who work hard to pay taxes, that are used to feed, house, educate, provide health care, lawyers, courts, facilities, to these illegals?
The whole system is absurd. It is falling apart, from chain migration to the lottery and on and on. We simply need to stop the illegals, the drugs, the sex trafficking. Going forward, from today, we need to stop everyone, period.

This is affecting jobs, hospital S, classrooms, that are overcrowded in localities that simply can’t afford this. Bottom line, we can’t remove the ones in the interior, but we can certainly stop the ones from coming in. No one, by the way, is getting deported. They’re being released.

They are being bussed into the interior of our nation. You know, Americans believe the illegals are being sent home. They’re not. There are 1 million against whom there is a formal order of removal, and another 860,000 waiting for a decision. These people are here to stay, especially if they come with children, and we’re doing nothing more than building the next amnesty class.
It is simply unsustainable. 100,000 brought in just this past month, a 12-year high. That’s what I just said, 100,000 in one month. That’s bigger than the town that I grew up in. It has to stop. This is not the time for talk.

Fact, 90% of the heroin brought in through the southern border is killing our kids.
Fact, kids are being sex ttraffickedand rape is simply ignored. Fact, transnational gangs bring in 400 pounds of fentanyl through the border, enough to kill our entire country. But you simply don’t care.

You want open borders.

For one reason and one reason only.

To make sure you get more people here on your side to vote Democrat so you never have to worry about getting re-elected again, so that Donald Trump can never happen again and you were so blatant in your doctrine that you even admit you want them to have licenses and you want them to vote.

You’re all about party, not country. Your decisions are based on politics alone and not what’s right. They are bloated with political disregard for the American people. God help the United States of America

There is a good reason why despite the overwhelming body of evidence of the border crisis, Democrats refuse to lift a finger to do their jobs to protect the nation from the ongoing invasion.

They will all vote Democrat and couldn’t give a damn how many Americans are hurt in the process.

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