SHE’S BACK: San Juan Mayor Calls Trump ‘Vengeful,’ Claims He’s Willing To ‘Let People Die’ [VIDEO]

SHE’S BACK: San Juan Mayor Calls Trump ‘Vengeful,’ Claims He’s Willing To ‘Let People Die’ [VIDEO]

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz went ballistic on Tuesday and insulted President Donald Trump with every name in the book.

During an interview Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” Cruz accused Trump of being so “vengeful” that he is “willing to let people starve” to death in Puerto Rico.

Her sickening comments were in response to host Nicolle Wallace asking her about relief aid to Puerto Rico following the hurricane that hit the island last year.

When asked about Trump’s tweet on Puerto Rico, where he said his administration was doing a lot to help Puerto Rico, Cruz said, “It still continues to shock me. It still continues to shock the people of Puerto Rico. Just when you think he’s gone the lowest he can go, he still goes lower than that.”

“Let’s fact check the president, because he has become a fake news cartoon, everything that he has always complained about. First of all, Mr. President, 3,000 Puerto Ricans died on your watch,” she added.

They died because your government was inefficient, ineffective and unable to do its job. Secondly, again, you should fire whomever told you $91 billion dollars were given to Puerto Rico. As you just mentioned, “The Washington Post” says between $11 and our estimate is between $11 and $13 billion dollars,” Cruz continued.

She added: “What kind of man is he that he looks the other way when people need to be fed. He continues to embarrass himself. He continues to embarrass the office of the presidency. Frankly, he doesn’t embody the spirit of humanity and spirit of love and affection that hundreds of American citizens, Latinos and Diaspora have come to Puerto Rico to take care of.”

She didn’t stop there, and Wallace didn’t stop her at all from continuing to smear Trump for no reason at all.

“He needs political capital, and he just says the things that he says about Puerto Rico. It is shameful. It is embarrassing. It is unbecoming. With all the lies that he is saying he has become the faker in chief,” Cruz said.

She concluded, “Most of all, we need the president to develop a heart. This man is heartless. This man is vengeful. This man racially discriminates against people has are not like him, and he is willing to let people starve, to let people die.”

Think Wallace or any other media host would have allowed those comments to be made about former President Barack Obama?

No chance.

Cruz literally accused Trump and his administration of being responsible for thousands of Puerto Ricans dying after the hurricane last year.

And she insulted the president by calling him every disgusting name she could think of, and Wallace didn’t stop her at all.

This is why Trump rages against the media — because hosts, talking heads, and liberal lawmakers endlessly blame him for everything, including a storm tragically killing people.

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