SAVAGE: President Trump Weighs In On Jussie Smollett Case And He DID NOT Hold Back

SAVAGE: President Trump Weighs In On Jussie Smollett Case And He DID NOT Hold Back

President Trump continues to tell it like it is and on Saturday, he weighed in on the despicable hate hoax and sad aftermath of the Jussie Smollett case.

In a sick sign of these twisted times, the star of Fox’s hip-hop series Empire claimed that he was attacked by two white men in MAGA hats who roughed him up, berated him with homophobic and racist slurs and left a rope tied around his neck.

Smollett also claimed that the duo told him that “This is MAGA country” which is hardly consistent with the demographics in Chicago.

Only it was all a lie. Windy City police were skeptical from the beginning for a number of reasons including that the alleged incident took place on a bite-ass cold night in an area that would not normally be one where there were many Trump supporters as well as the peculiar absence of surveillance video footage.

A big break in the case came when the cops got the two Nigerian brothers who were hired by Smollett to carry out the racist scam to confess.

This led to a grand jury delivering sixteen felony counts against the privileged celebrity but thanks to crooked prosecutor Kim Foxx, all charges were dropped in what will forever be remembered as a gross miscarriage of justice and the day when the city of Chicago sanctioned fake hate crimes.

On Saturday, Trump traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin where he held a rousing rally and delivered the goods to patriots in Cheesehead Nation including his own indictment of Smollett and the corrupt system that he benefited from.

The POTUS blasted the entire sordid affair as a “disgrace to our nation” as the crowd roared in approval. He also ripped Smollett as a “third rate actor” which will be spun as being racist by the media and the Twitter mob.

Trump on Saturday slammed “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett at a rally in Greenbay, Wis.

He said he first heard the term “MAGA country” in discussions of Smollett’s case, which he called a “disgrace to our nation.”

“It’s MAGA country,” he said. “I didn’t hear that term until that third rate actor in Chicago went out and said I was beaten up by MAGA country, can you believe it?”

Smollett said in January he was the victim of a Chicago hate crime in which two men attacked him and shouted racist and homophobic slurs. He also said his assailants yelled “MAGA”, shorthand for Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, and other pro-Trump language at him.

“That’s a hate crime, he said he was beaten up by MAGA country, turned out to be a total lie,” he added. “That case in Chicago is a disgrace to our nation. A disgrace.”

And it was a disgrace because instead of sending a strong message to other hate crime hoaxers that such stunts would not be tolerated, the politically connected Foxx instead chose to sanction them by letting Smollett off the hook.

Trump also delivered his usual blistering comments at the pitiful collection of miscreants and socialists who are vying for the Democrat nomination.

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