Sarah Sanders Unloads On ‘Shameless Fraud’ Comey After He Attacks Trump, Republicans, Fox News

Sarah Sanders Unloads On ‘Shameless Fraud’ Comey After He Attacks Trump, Republicans, Fox News

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloaded on fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday after he attacked the Trump administration, Republicans, and Fox News.Comey testified before Congress over his controversial handling of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the bureaus use of the salacious, unverified dossier to launch the Russia investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

When the session had ended, Comey lashed out when taking questions from reporters on Capitol Hill.

“Republicans used to understand that the actions of a President matter,” Comey lamented.

“That words of a President matter, the rule of law matters in the truth matters. Where are those Republicans today? At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the truth,” he added.

Comey later said Republicans would have to “explain to their grandchildren what they did today.”

n response to Comey’s attacks, Sanders nuked him on Twitter with a brutal statement of her own.

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“Republicans should stand up to Comey and his tremendous corruption – from the fake Hillary Clinton investigation, to lying and leaking, to FISA abuse, and a list too long to name. The President did the country a service by firing him and exposing him for the shameless fraud he is,” she wrote

During his remarks to reporters, Comey also refused to deny leaking classified information when asked about it by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge.

“My understanding is that when you shared your memos with your legal team that there was a follow up for a classified containment operation by the bureau,” Herridge said. “Was there a spill of classified information when you shared those memos?”

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“Yeah, I’m not going to talk about something like that,” Comey snipped back.

“Well that’s important to talk about whether classified information wa

“Whether you think it is or not, I’m not going to talk about it one way or another,” Comey replied, appearing to grow annoyed.

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James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a Special Council? Therefore, the Special Council was established based on an illegal act? Really, does everybody know what that means?” Trump wrote in April.

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